Pandora info. won't show on screen


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Jul 21, 2016
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San Jose, CA
2016 Civic Coupe LX-P
Anyone that owns an LX or LX-P have an issue with Pandora not showing information on the audio screen?
I use the iPhone USB cord to connect pandora through my iPhone6 and it seems to be stuck in "iPod" mode when I use Pandora and so I have to change stations using my phone because the station list doesn't show up at all when I try to change it using the knobs in the car. It only shows me the menu for the "iPod" and not the stations from my Pandora.
I already went to the dealership to have them try to fix it because I couldn't figure it out and they weren't able to figure out either. My iPhone is up to date and I already tried deleting and re-installing Pandora on my iPhone6. They even did a reset on my car and it still didn't work.

But I know it works because I was able to use Pandora where it would let me change the station using the knobs on the car the night I bought my 2016 civic, but now it won't show up on the screen and it just stays in "iPod".
Is it because of the Pandora version that I have? Any thoughts? Feel free to message me if something here doesn't make sense. Thank you.