Official "Nice Dealer List" Thread


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Apr 15, 2017
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Were you able to purchase at or below MSRP?

Braden Bottoms (salesman) and James Snyder (sales manager) at Smart Honda in White Hall, Arkansas. One of the best dealers and couple of employees I've ever dealt with...and I've bought a lot of cars over the years.

$24,775 MSRP
+ $1,548.44 Texas state sales tax 6.25%
+ $106.53 Title and license
= $26,429.97 out-the-door cash price

No accessories, market adjustment, doc fee, or anything else - just the MSRP of the vehicle + tax, title, and license. No pressure whatsoever - a very atypical dealership.

One thing that stood out was that we had agreed on $26,500 out-the-door (I didn't care how they arrived at that amount), but when I got there they told me the total was about $70 less than I agreed to pay because the title and license fee was less than I estimated. Most any other dealer would have just kept that money. It was only $70, but it was the principle of the act that left a positive impression.

If you're near that area and need a Honda, tell them "the guy who drove 8 hours to buy the first 2017 Si in town" sent you. They don't have any more Si right now, but they do have a Type R coming.