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Apr 30, 2017
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New jersey
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Greeting my new Honda bros and sisters. I've introduced my self a few weeks ago but for formalities sake, my name is george from northern NJ live in the bergen country area. You can always reach out to me if anything I joined the forum to get inspired by other rides and just get some sort of interaction with people out side of work. With that said if you would like to get know things about me you can always ask. This civic is my first honda ever so I'm pretty excited.

Now then for the real purpose of this post here is my HB ST in modern metal or my pref name gun metal gray. It's cvt obvi, I am one who prefers having all the toys and gadgets over a manual. Projects to make the car more me, tints of course, I'm in a bit of a dilemma cause I like dark tints but many people have been telling me if I go to dark I'm gonna ruin the cars look ultimately I'll put what I want but with the dimming rear view I may keep it at a safe 20% for the rear section 35% for DS PS front and maybe do a 50% front windshield. Also to be done lower the car on some coil overs unsure what brand if you guys could recommend some I'd appreciate it. I have tien suspensions on my corolla but when I check tien hasn't made civic suspensions since the 12 si. I would like to upgrade the brakes, maybe it's cause my rolla just was not as fast, or maybe the drum brakes made a difference I find that my hatch's brakes aren't all that great. They work which is important but I feel they can work better. Again if you all could send recommendations I'd dig it. I wanna put a sway bar and I think it's called the front struts help keep the roll to a minimum. Some minor cosmetics I'm considering doing red accents not too sure but if I do I'm thinking bout doing a strip of red on the under spoilers, to be specific might just do like a half of it on its bottom side. A fellow member said the minimalist approach and I kind of like the idea. Another spot I want to accent is the bottom of the door, where it dips in. I don't know when it's going to happen but those special oem rims that come with the red tape around the outside, well I think their painted but I think those rims are pretty sick. I want to change the fog lights bulbs. I'm a fan of those batman yellow super bright but I may go the red route just to keep the theme. I want to set up my trunk for my dog who always is with me pretty much. I saw a pretty cool set up by someone else so I'm probably gonna do the same get some cushions throw a quilt over it and secure it by folding it over the seats (with them down). Eventually I wanna do the hondata flash, I've seen the article about the cvt so I won't exceed the 6 psi boost, and I'm most likely gonna wait until the handling upgrades are done. This is pretty much it, I know the list is pretty basic but for now it will satisfy me. I'm going to be doing everything little by little so bare with me as some of the upgrades may happen over a long a period of time. Much love honda fam look forward to getting to know you all.