K.control strange logic - help needed


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May 7, 2018
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Civic FD
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Hello everyone
Last few month I am learning my Ktuner V2 unit and making experiments to find the best setup for my car. After last tune update I am facing some strange K.control logic that my knowledge in this area, unfortunately, cant explain. Hope someone from this forums with much better understanding can explain this

The "strange logic"...
From reading the forum and trying to understand K.control I saw a tons of topics that write these things:
K.control climb up when you WOT and driving hard
K.control climb up when there is really hot weather
K.control climp up when your fuel is bad
Now the normal thing that I "want" to see is - if I drives hard the K.control supposed to go up...but this is not the case...
It looks like when I driving normal the K.control is unstable and can jump in few seconds to high value.
I saw this 3 times already in 2 days - driving normally(100-120 kmh) without any WOT or hard pushes. Suddenly the K.control jump from 0.49-0.55 to 0.65-0.75. When I say jump I mean like 1-2 seconds. Then if I press the throttle hard for few times each 5 min for example it will come back after like 20 min. If I will keep driving easy - it will stay stable on the high value and keep climbing, mostly in other small jumps of like 0.65-0.70 for example.
Another example is - My K.control was 0.77 after normally driving on the highway - I changed to Tune 3 (21PSI most aggressive settings) and drove hard for like 15 min on the same highway. I ended up with stable 0.49 K.control value. Its supposed to be the opposite :/.
I tried IAT corrections with same tune and the K.control was the same strange one. Guess it wont make effect for now anyway since we are at winter now and the temperatures here in winter is perfect (10-20C).
Before this tune I drove with Stage1-18PSI and everything was stable. Now I am driving with 16.5 the most and it acting strange.
Maybe the quick adjustments are the reason? What Can I do to make it stable again? Should I go much less aggressive settings until I will buy the Inter-cooler?

Looking forward for your replies and thanks for everyone that will spend time to read all this

P.S. sorry if my English is bad, not a main language.

General info:
Civic 1.5 HB Sport model, fully stock. Engine oil 5W30, air filter 30-40% dirty. Manual transmission.
Temperatures outside: 17-20C

Tune and values info:
End user 21PSI Ktuner triple Tune: 16.5/19/21PSI
Early spool: enabled
Quick adjustments: as shown in the picture -
STFT: 3%-10% outside the town on the highway; 8%-15% inside the town
LTFT: 5-8% ouside the town on the highway; 8-12% inside the town
IAT2: 30-55C depend on the traffic
Tune drived when I saw this problem the most - 16.5 PSI with all the quick adjustments
*have few datalogs too


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Nov 18, 2019
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ign timing at different loads, imo no biggie but it can be adjusted a little lower at specific load so it won't be so jumpy.

it's good during WOT it stays low.