Hello Everyone!

What HB color and version do you have?

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Nov 27, 2018
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Civic HB, S2000
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Helloooo Washington,

I am Wayne and recently moved to Seattle from Austin, TX.
It is lovely here. However, being a former Honda/Acura owner. In addition, to the Cost of living + environment of Seattle. I am considering my next vehicle... I currently drive a IS250 F-sport, but as I mentioned... the environment and cost of living here... is more than TX. - thus, a good reason and opportunity; to revisit a Honda. I have gone to Honda/Toyota of Seattle and test drove the Toyota CHR, Honda HRV and Civic HB Sport.

I am in between the CHR and Civic HB. However, having grown comfortable to the Lexus I currently have.
I am considering a 2018 or the 2019 Civic HB. I do desire BSM (Blind spot management) as I find it very useful on my Lexus and even more so here. I5 and 90 is just crazy! I prefer 2019 due to the Honda sensing coming standard ( I suppose to compete with Toyota's standard safety offerings).

My question is... it seems all the prices I see on line are over Honda's MSRP - what gives?
Being high taxes here.... what would be a dealer you would recommend, for the lowest cost or at least reasonable with dealer offerings....

I am planning to either sell my IS250 or a paid-off trade.

Also, how is the import/car scene here?
With this weather... it seems like not much goes on. Ok ok... perhaps I am contrasting it a bit much with TX.

I am considering sport or EX, depending on Price and hatchback version.
I am not sure if I want to go back to standard, but tempted... However, my point in changing from my IS250. Is primarily due to cost of ownership/mo. payments - this means... price is priority...

Lastly, what is a low interest and reliable/Excellent Customer Service CU or bank here?
- I may consider refinancing instead, if no dealer is able to work for my benefit/goal.

Thank you!