Flying_FK8 Build Thread


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Jan 29, 2021
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Toronto ON
2018 Civic Type R FK8
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Hey guys, I am new to CivicX and I just wanted to share my build. Ive had my Type R for almost 3 years now and I absolutely love it, and constantly changing things to make it personalized and my own!

I recently teamed up with Humza and Thusee at @Unity Performance to cover the FK8 segment for Unity, and to shred up some tires on the circuit with Humza to decide what parts we want to run. Previously, I was more into Drag Racing, and I ran a 12.68 @113 which I believe is the quickest stock block stock turbo Type R in Canada. However, after feeling the repercussions of drag racing, I switched up and put more focus on the circuit. I am excited for more seat time to truly hone in my driving skills.

I will list my plethora of car parts in alphabetical order:

Acuity Full Short Shifter Kit
Acuity Shifter Cable Bushings
Acuity Shift Boot Collar
AFE Intake
Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs
Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Hawk HP Plus for the Circuit
Hawk HPS 5.0 for the autocross
StopTech Sport Pads for street with light autocross and circuit duties
Hasport 62A Rear Motor Mount
Hondata Flashpro with Custom Tune from Splitfire Performance
Injen Intercooler
Injen Intercooler Charge Pipes
Mishimoto Oil Catch Can
PRL Oil Cap
PRL Battery Tie Down
PRL Catless Downpipe
PTP Turbo Blanket
PTP Inlet Pipe Blanket
Quiafe Helical LSD
Remus Catback with a Vibrant Ultra Quiet resonator with triple chrome black tips
Rhino Roof Rack
SPC Rear Camber Kit
Stainless steel Clutch Line
Superspeed RF02RR wheels 19 x 9.5 +35 wrapped in 255 35 19 Michelin PS4S
Superspeed RF03RR Wheels 18 x 9.5 + 38 wrapped in 255 35 18 Hoosier A2
Ultra Racing rear Torsion Bar
Ultra Racing Front Lower Cross Member
Ultra Racing Front Power Brace
Ultra Racing Upper Hatch Brace
Ultra Racing Lower Hatch Brace
Ultra Racing Strut Bar
Unity Performance Hydro Carbon Steering Wheel
Unity Performance Smoked with White and Clear with Amber side markers (one on either side)
Whiteline 26mm Rear Sway Bar with the Whiteline Endlinks
Soon to be installed Whiteline 27mm Front Sway Bar with End links
Whiteline Anti Lift Kit

There are a few things not listed, like a sweid shift boot, upgraded speakers and tweaters all around, sub, etc., but it sums it up for the most part.

My favourite experience with my Type R has to be taking my tuned out car from Toronto Ontario to Vancouver Island, this experience truly made me appreciate the car more so then ever. Below you can find some pictures of my rice car.. I mean race, hehe.

Be sure to check out my Instagram @Flying_FK8





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Jun 17, 2020
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Canada, Toronto
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Welcome! Build is looking good, hopefully see you around at the track this year!💯