DSG Performance Saga


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Nov 6, 2022
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
2020 1.5l MT HB Sport
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I’ll tell you my tale and you can decided where the failure lies, with me or DSG Performance in Fontana Gateway, California and Lachine, Quebec…

I have a 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport. At the end of August 2022 I ordered on their Canada website (an important point later) 3D MAXpider Kagu front floor mats and a rear cargo area mat. Their website showed both were in stock. I received an order acknowledgement email from them and they immediately charged my credit card the full amount.

I didn’t hear anything more from them for about three weeks, so I sent an email asking about the status of my order. They replied that they weren’t actually stocked at their Canada location (despite the .ca website showing so), were at their USA site, they get a shipment from the USA site to the Canada site every two weeks and would then promptly send on to me (in Edmonton, Alberta). Bummer the website shows different, but okay…

Several more weeks go by - no mats, another inquiry – same story, ‘…in two weeks…”

Another month passed, this time I call Quebec. ‘…they are in a shipping container that is stuck at customs at the border. But when we get it we will search for your mats first and get them going to you the very same day.’ Well, I do know getting things across the border can be hell, and we in Canada are used to long delays for stuff from the USA, but still, at this point it’s been two months, and they did originally show on the .ca site as in stock.

So by then it is late-November, it’s starting to snow, I need mats, so I call again and am told they will ship next week, ‘for sure’. So finally three months almost to the day after I ordered them they show up. And here’s kicker #2 – they were drop shipped directly from California to me, having never even seen Quebec! So what was all the song & dance about the border, containers and such? Why didn’t they drop ship them directly to me three months ago??

Now kicker #3, the rear cargo area mat was wrong. So here’s where it gets messy – their website, like many, has a filter function for year, brand, model, of vehicle, etc. So I had selected 2020 / Honda / Sport. THERE IS NO specific filter to differentiate between the Civic Sedan, Coupe, or Hatchback. The closest thing to a Hatchback Sport was “Sport”. (And still is as I type this.) Should this have been a red-flag that I was ordering the wrong mat? At any rate I just clicked on Add to Cart for the one that popped up.

So I contact them about exchanging it and they become very hardnose about it. At first saying they wouldn’t take it back at all because it is my fault I didn’t read the description’s small print close enough to see I was ordering the sedan one not the hatchback one. (How I could know what part number was for the hatchback cargo mat when there is no filter for Hatchback is beyond me.) Then they said they would take it back, but only if I paid a return shipping cost of $CA70.

They also acknowledged the website was, ‘less than clear’ and said they would look into changing it, ‘so future customers don’t make the same mistake.’ Well gee, good for “future customers” I guess.

Having no real option at this point I paid them the $CA70 and they said they would ship the correct one.

After again not hearing from them for a while I asked and was then told the cargo mat is not available for the 2020 Hatchback Sport.

So I shipped the wrong one back (at my expense), asked for a refund, which they promised. I have verified delivery to them on Jan. 13.

Two weeks later, after two more inquiries to them, my credit card finally post two refunds, kicker #4: that total $CA13 less than what I paid for the cargo area mat.

I email them yet again about where’s the difference? No reply. They have apparently decided to ghost me.

You be the judge – piss-poor service on their part or all my fault? At any rate I know my opinion of whom I will never order from again.