Cost of a "B" oil change?


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Apr 2, 2016
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So we got the Maintenance Minder for a B1 service today, our dealer mails us coupons ever 3 to 6 months and one is for $59.95 for Oil n Filter and tire rotation. So we'll see if thats all its really going to cost. Car is leased and our lease ends on 03/2019 and car has barely over 10K miles on it now.
I agree with most that I usually do all my own maintenance and repairs but for a leased car and only cost $60 for the service adding that its December and a cold spell hit New York I think 60 bucks is a bargain... Car goes in this Thursday 12/28
Well, just came back from dealership, cost was $69.33 =$59.95 cost for oil/filter & Tire rotation plus New York State tax ($6.33) plus hazard waste / environmental disposal fee ($3.50) at Nardy Honda in Smithtown NY.