Civic Sport Hatch Autox in HS?


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Feb 16, 2017
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Cincinnati, OH
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So I just emailed Lee Grimes at Koni about shocks for our car. And then he responds within minutes with this....

"Hi Van,

Your timing is impeccable because not more than 10 minutes ago I got confirmation from Holland that finally the Prototypes for the 10G Civic are shipping out from Holland this week for testing here. I just need to locate a car that we can borrow for a few days to do the confirmations on. As I recall however, you are located in Colorado so that may not be possible. If you know anyone in the general Cincinnati, Indy, Lexington, Louisville, Columbus, OH area who autocrosses one of these, let me know as I have 3-4 weeks to locate a car for testing.

These are KONI Sport adjustable units that are externally (knob type) adjustable on the fronts and internally (off the car, compress to adjust) adjustable on the rear because the factory rear mounting system is puts the top of the piston rod hidden blind into a void in the fender well that cannot be accessed on the car or from the inside, very similar to what VW has done since the late 1990s. The good news is that Honda moved the spring off the damper so dropping the shock will only require 3 bolts and does not require a spring compressor to remove the spring to compress it. Additionally, Honda chose a very small diameter top mounting nut diameter so that is too small to be made hollow and allow an adjuster tab to come up through.

Since these are prototypes and will be used to test and finalize the valving and specs for production units, this will be the only set until the production units become available which will be most likely late this year after Solo Nationals.

Best regards,

Lee Grimes"

As much as I would love to be the test mule and have the prototype for nationals I am just not close enough. Is there anyone here in Ohio that can test these out for him?! I'm super psyched to have an option to upgrade our shocks!

So, for anyone who has tried the Koni shocks & struts, where's a good starting point to set the rears? I really wish they were externally adjustable but sadly that's not the case for these.