ACUITY Prototype 10th-gen Shifter - My review



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Jan 4, 2017
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A question for all you guys who are using full short shifter from Acuity. Can we place those electrical cables back to the shifter like a stock shifter base. Does Acuity provided those holes at proper places or do I need to leave them dangling in the center console.

I am asking that because those wires may rattle in the console if not secured
No holes. You may see some holes in my first posts showing the prototype, but the production shifter didn't keep them. You'd have to have all the holes that the stock shifter has (sh*tloads) just to avoid the support hassle of people saying "there's a hole missing," as different market cars have different wiring. For example, Canadian Type R's have different wiring and use different holes than USA Type R's ... and they're very similar as far as world-wide CivicX model variants go :).

Note that the holes are there primarily for controlling all the wiring harnesses on the assembly line. None of the holes that are missing - at least on my Canadian Type R - serve any routing purpose. (There are other holes in the console that do have that purpose.) As for potential rattling, all of the harnesses are wrapped with soft-surface tape so they can't rattle. The only thing is to take care in harness placement to avoid squeezing a harness when re-installing the console base.