2020 Facelift - on the edge of buying, I really like the Civic, but......


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Jun 27, 2020
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End of last year I have seen the new Civic in person for the first time. Based upon the looks I fell in love with the car. I decided that the newCivic is going to be my next car.
So I started to do my research.

Now after all research I’m not too sure wether I’ll go with the new Civic or I’ll buy a Peugeot 308 or3008. Coming from a Peugeot 807 I would buy either without a glimpse.
But I really like the Civic.

so here’s the list of issues I read about.

1.) rattling. Not too concerned about, my 807 was rattling as well, I’ll simply solve these myself with foam or acoustic mats.

2.) aftermarket spare parts. If I look at the typical online retailers, there’s virtually nothing for the Civic X apart from filters and an air condition condenser.

3.) Unfortunately, in Europe Honda sensing is standard equipment, wether you want that or not. I dont. I don’t trust the collision mitigation and automatic collision braking system. Apparently, in the accord there are issues, I have seen YouTube videos where the car is breaking out of the bluewithout the necessity to do so. Some report it happened on the highway. So I checked wether that nonsense is permanently able to shut off. It seems thats not the case. You’ll have to turn that stuff off every time you start up the car. Upon further research it doesn’t seem possible;e to turn that stuff of by diagnostics either.
So I’ll have to check wether I can disable that system by pulling a fuse or fuses.
Cost of replacement is another issue, I don’t nett that system, but I guess for MOT I will have to have them in working condition.

4.) Airconditioning. The amount of issues with the A/C reported by civic owners is to be ashamed off. As soon as the warranty will be over I’ll replace the condenser with a Nissens, Mahle or whatever. And I’ll add a mesh grille. Apparentlythere are some compressor issues as well, but there’s no aftermarket available as for now. For me it is absolutely unacceptable that an ac system fails within a year or two after manufacturing. My 2006 VW Phaeton still has had its ac serviced regularly but the Freon changed once in 2012. Wasn’t needed but my dealer wanted to sell up. Never ever have I had a single issue with the Phaetons AC, it still blows so cold that it hurts your hand when you hold it at the vent.

5.) general electrical gremlins and overall fit and finish. Seems to leave a lot to be desired.some report that after a low mileage they see the heated seats wiring is already showing through the cloth. Rear lamps that crack, rubber seals that don’t sit fine and so on and so forth.

6.) 1.6 idtec to be phased out - so I’m a bit concerned about spare parts in the future. On the other hand I had a few Lancia in my life, as well as fiat, so I do know what terrible spare part availability means.

I always hadthe impression that a Honda is a product that simply works and that for many years. But when I hear diehard Honda fans thinkingabout jumping the ship ........ I do know that there is not a single car that hasn’t any faults, but the new civic seems to have a bit too much. And dealer network is nowhere near as good VW/Audi/MB/Peugeot etc.

So now here I sit, loving the looks of the new civic, loving the interior and the comfort, but apparently quality wise it is the exact opposite of what I had the impression of a Honda.

Now the 2020 facelift is around. LED is now standard, the front has some Design upgrades, the interior got upgrades. No mention about technical upgrades, nothing in regard to the A/C system. Maybe there are upgrades, maybe there aren't. We won't know until next year or two years from now.

Now what I would be interested to know, here in the forums it seems to be a big issue with A/C issues, but in the US there are millions sold. But apparently the issues is big enough for class action lawsuits and Honda to give an extended warranty, at least in the US and Canada. In Europe I haven't heard about that extended warranty. Possibly we never get it.