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  1. 24/7 Dashcam

    Any recommendations of any front + rear dash cams that stay on all the time and you are able to maybe view it live on your phone and go back on recordings ?
  2. Drift King Tsuchiya drives the Type R + impressions

    Best Motoring finally made a video about the fk8 type R. The car went up against the Megane RS. They discuss the current Nurburgring time and also raised questions about the type of tires used and if it had all the interiors. Just thought I should share. Video is about 23 minutes long. Make sure...
  3. 2 week old 2021 Type R

    Just purchased a 2021 Boost Blue Type R in what will be 2 weeks this upcoming Monday. So far the car feels great but I have been very paranoid since its my first brand new car but I was hoping you guys would be able to clear some things up for me. When driving in any gear there's a faint whistle...
  4. Cusco Front Strut Bar

    What's up guys. Just bought this Cusco Front Strut Bar last month, I then sent it to get sprayed to color match my car. Purchased the Perrin strut bar instead so no sense of keeping the Cusco. Looking for looking pick up but willing to ship on buyers expense. $150
  5. OEM Powder Coated Rims with great tires!

    All in great shape and powder coated charcoal gray. One in pic has minor scratch no rash though. Tires are great also.. pick up in Miami or meet in south Broward.
  6. After Market Type R Exhausts on Si

    I was watching a YouTube video and I happened to see a Borla Atak exhaust meant for the Type R on an Si. Unfortunately I didn’t get to hear any sound clips but it got me thinking, has anyone on this forum retrofitted after market type r exhausts on their Si? I’ve seen people get the stock type r...
  7. K20C4 in Civic??

    I know I may receive backlash for this but I’m a newbie when it comes to cars... So I own a 10th Gen Civic EX (K20C2). I’ve tuned it with KTuner which is great but I am looking for more power.(I know I should have gotten 1.5L but oh well) So I’ve been looking into swapping my engine to the...
  8. For Sale: FK8 AWE touring edition exhaust with track edition conversion

    Hello fellow FK8 owners, I am selling my AWE touring edition exhaust with a track edition conversion. It has been used for about 700 miles great condition. I also had the tips painted (outer 2 tips Gloss black and middle tip Gloss red). I also heat wrapped front pipe with Design Engineering...
  9. California Acuity Stage 2 [FK8] & shifter Bushings + Type R Shifter Assembly

    Hello guys, Selling Type R shifter+ Acuity goodies along with shifter cable bushings. The cable bushings are brand new in box never used. The shifter assy is used for less than 2k miles appx. Price : $210+ shipping
  10. My Type R Mods - vSneaKv

    I wanted to document my projects with my car for mainly myself to look back at everything done in the future. I also figured if there were any questions with stuff I had done I could at least help answer them for people. This also serves as Honda's Instruction Manual to voiding my warranty...
  11. New Carbon Fiber Double Canards 2017-2020 Honda Civic Type R

    Brand new, still in package from AEROFLOWDYNAMICS. Fitment: 2017 - 2020 Honda Civic Type R Made from 2x2 Weave Carbon Fiber Made in the USA Comes pre-drilled Fitment Guaranteed Hardware is included Comes in 2 pairs ( 2 left & 2 right) Paid $350, asking $300 + no shipping cost in US. Specs...
  12. Why are there so many 2018 Type R's?

    I live in Canada and on various used car platforms (AutoTrader, Kijiji Auto, Facebook, etc.) there appears to be an abundance of 2018's for sale, some 2017's, and rarely 2019's. Just throwing this general question out there -- Why are there so many 2018 Type R's out there? Cheers!
  13. Remus exhaust or Armytrix for fk8?

    Does anyone have experience with either or both of these exhaust systems? I can’t make up my mind on which to get.
  14. Spoon Sports Wide Mirror Install

    So I bought the Spoon Wide Angle Mirrors which are basically 3M’d onto the old mirror which I thought was super ghetto rigged especially for $100 and they even stick out further then. So this is what I did, not sure if it really makes any sense to do it this way but I feel as though it is less...
  15. Please Help: Can Anyone Identify This Noise?!? Civic Type R

    Hi all, Is there anyone who can help me to identify this noise coming from the rear of my Civic Type R? It happens randomly. The dealer can't replicate it since it's such a random occurrence but it seems to be getting more frequent and louder. Car has 16k miles on it. Occurs while driving and...
  16. I'm personally curious do CTR and Type R owners always tint their windows?

    I just picked up my Civic from the tint shop, credits to blacked out window tint for making my CTR look fresh. This question always lingered ever since I have gotten a Honda. Does everyone here get window tinted after buying your Honda? I mean the looks is flawless if you ask me!
  17. Virginia Si parts for sale- KTuner - PRL stage 1 - brake pads rotors-LOWER PRICES

    PRL Stage 1 intake - black hose and AEM air filter - $40 shipped
  18. Two Tone Color Civic Hatchback Design

    A lot of cars like the tesla and the camry xse have this two tone top and bottom design and I thought it be interesting to see how it would look on a civic. Add some black wrap on top and this design will be an easy and inexpensive way to separate your car from the other thousands of civics. To...
  19. Looking for a 2020 CTR Rallye Red or Boost Blue

    Hello everyone, I'm located in the middle of California, and looking for a red (1st choice) or a boost blue 2020 civic type R at or near MSRP. I hoping I can get some help locating some out of state since dealerships in California still want 5-8k about MSRP. I have checked out the list about the...
  20. Connecticut Civic Type R return to stock sale

    Traded my 2019 Type R in, and returned it to stock, so im selling the parts i had on it, all parts were put on the car around 2000 miles, and traded the car in with 4700 miles on it. feel free to PM with any questions. I live in CT so local is preferred but can negotiate shipping Hondata...