type r

  1. Flashpro 91 vs 94 octane

    Hey everybody, I know 94 octane should be the better choice, but does anyone notice a difference between 91 and 94 with or without tuning it in on a flashpro ?
  2. Texas Type R exhaust

    Selling a used oem Civic Type R exhaust, came off a 2018 Type R. Local pickup only. Can meet in the Dallas area. $200
  3. 2020 type R license plate relocation

    Had a side license plate bracket for a 370z in the past using front tow hook and wanted to do the same with the 2020 type R. After some research, most of the current license plate relocators use the grill part, Whereas the 2020 model got rid of that and added a “mustache” or what some people...
  4. Honda Civic Type R (OEM) Photoshoot

    This was a shoot set up with @kfletchphotography 09/18/2019 He absolutely killed these pics i highly recommend him for anyone in Florida. I know he does travel as well so deff check his ig out.
  5. Got the new wheels put on

    Got the SSR’s put on with some Eibach pro kit springs. I was afraid because the wheels are pretty much the same color as the car but it looks pretty damn good in person.
  6. California Type r shift knob 2016-2019

    Honda Civic Type r shift knob 2016-2019 model Ball type used for 10k miles bought off another user on here looking for 70$ shipping on you located NorCal
  7. 2020 CTR Intake Choices:

    what's up guys.. so I've been doing my research for a month now trying to find the right intake for this car. I've come down to 3 main choices, but unfortunately all three seem to have their problems. My First 2 choices are "boxed" short ram intake systems that I prefer: 1. The Mishimoto...
  8. 2020 Air Condition Service Bulletin

    Whats up everyone. I recently just purchased a 2020 CTR. Loving it. I had one issue with the paint that the dealer corrected but I started to notice something else lately.. As the weather starts to get hotter and hotter, I've decided to use the air condition(obviously). But I noticed it wasn't...
  9. PPF Issues... Am I crazy?

    Hey everyone, I got my front end (bumper, grill, fenders, mirrors, headlights) PPF'd the other week and have found a significant amount of imperfections throughout. Things like are bubbles, moisture, tar, and even what looks to be like someones eyelash. gross I know. It seems to me that they...
  10. Black & Red Suede Interior Project

    Thoughts? Anyone interested in getting this done. Would you buy these pieces if I made them.
  11. Anyone in *or near* North Dakota looking for Type R?

    Might be selling my 2019 type r soon. PMM with under 1500 miles. Hasn’t left the garage much tbh especially this past winter and everything.
  12. Two little paint chips removing dealer sticker

    I used a heat gun to heat the dealer sticker and slowly peel it off. Worked like a charm and once all the residue was off I noticed two little paint chips where the sticker was. I didn’t use a razor blade or anything for that matter, just my hands. I went to the Honda dealership here and ordered...
  13. For Sale 2019 CW Type R

    For sale is my 2019 Type R in Championship white with 98XX+ Miles on it and slowly going up to keep it driven at least once a week. The car is completely stock minus Rally Armor mud flaps and the vehicle has aftermarket wheels currently on it with performance all season tires on it. Sale also...
  14. FOR SALE: OEM Red Type R Front Emblem

    I’m selling an OEM Red Type R Front Emblem. Part number is 75700-tgh-a01. It fits the front of the sedan and hatchback, and fits the front and rear of coupe. Still sealed, OEM part.
  15. FOR SALE: OEM Front Red Type R Emblem

    Selling an OEM red type R emblem. Part number is 75700-tgh-a01 It fits the front of the sedan and hatchback. It fits the front and rear of coupe. I’ve attached some pics of the emblem in its packaging. It’s OEM and sealed.
  16. Ex to Type R

    Anybody know if the Type R front and rear bumber fit for Ex sedan??
  17. KTuner vs Hondata

    I’m curious what’s the best to tune my type r with? All I have on the car at the moment is a PRL intake, in the future I plan on putting an exhaust, intercooler, downpipe. If I tune it I wouldn’t put some crazy tune on, I just need a reliable tune since I do daily drive my car and on the...
  18. FS: (4) OEM Type R Wheels $750 + shipping

    Selling (4) OEM wheels for $850 as a complete set for local pickup in Raleigh, NC. Wheels/tires were removed from my car after 7,600 miles and tires have at least half tread life left. One of the tires has a nail but still completely holds air (I safely drove 1,000 miles on it after repairing...

    Looking to sell a Milltek Non Resonated Exhaust with black cerakote tips for the FK8. Original owner used it for 4 months and sold his FK8. I bought it and used it for a week. Asking $1400CAD PICKED UP. Located in Ottawa, Canada. Willing to ship at buyers expense!
  20. Downpipes in california

    What’s up fam, wuick question here. Just traded in my si for a 2019 ctr. Freaking love it. So far I have the following mods: HKS Intercooler K&n air filter Remus exhaust Prl charge pipe kit downpipe from rev racing Downpipe wrap Turbo blanket Living in California, gotta wonder how you guys...