type r civic

  1. Anyone know what wheels these are?

    Does anyone know what wheels these are? I wish I could give credit and also see the build on this owner's CTR but my wife sent me this picture and she doesn't remember where she saved it from.
  2. Tire suggestions for 2019 Type R?

    Sorry I am new with car stuffs, please bare with me if questions are quite dumb. Recently I got a Type R, and I realized it comes with a summer tire but the weather here is mostly rainy all year and some snow during the winter. I am not using the car for tracks. So I am thinking of getting a...
  3. 2018 civic type r? So many inventories?

    Hi guys. When type r 2018 came out, there were so much hypes about the vehicle and potential buyers were calling Honda dealers and found out that there are so much demand on these cars. Some dealers were charging more price on top of MSRP and some buyers paid above to get it. I was surprised...
  4. Civic Type R Transmission Problems?

    There have been many reports of transmissions in the Civic Type R. This is a first hand look at mine.