1. Show album cover by Bluetooth Civic Touring 2020

    First, sorry for my English, I'm from Brazil. I would like to know if is it possible to put the album cover (Spotify) to appear via Bluetooth? When Android Auto is connected (USB) appears normally. On Bluetooth does not appear! Some other cars I have driven, for example, Ford Focus and Ford...
  2. After Market gauges

    Hey fellas, I hope everyone is doing okay and in good health. I was wondering if it was possible to install and use aftermarket boost/vacuum, Temperature, etc. gauges in a 15.t touring sedan? If so which ones are supported?
  3. WTB: Touring LED headlights

    Looking to buy some OEM Touring LED lights. I’ll pay $400 and pay for shipping. If you have harnesses I would buy those too!
  4. FS: Retrofitted Bi-Xenon HID Black Headlights

    Up for sale are my custom HID headlights. These are factory 2019 Honda Civic Si headlights that were opened and painted black, retrofitted with Nissan Maxima D2S bi-xenon projectors with BMW e30 clear lenses, CBI bulbs and Lexus/Toyota Denso HID ballasts. For those of you that are familiar with...
  5. Spider Stuck In Hatch Tail Light

    I woke up this morning to find a spider stuck in the upper hatch part of the tail light. Any ideas on what I can do to get the damn spider out?
  6. Hey aftermarket companies - rear spoiler needed - help us sedan owners!

    For 2 1/2 years, I've been looking for a replacement for my rinky dink mini rear lip spoiler. You know, the one that is on all EX-T, EX-L, Sport and Touring sedan models... Yeah that one. I have no idea why Honda decided to add something so minimal yet bolt it down and make holes in the...
  7. 2019 18" Civic Sport Rims

    Sport/ Si 18" Wheels for sale. Rims are in great condition. A blemish in one wheel is circled in the photos. 650 USD or 850 CAD. Located in Vancouver, BC but am willing to ship if buyer covers costs Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions Will fit on any 10th generation...
  8. FS: OEM Civic SI 6MT shift boot & Touring steering wheel garnish

    Just traded in the 17 civic coupe LX for a 19 hatchback and I'm selling interior trim upgrades I made in the old car, since the new one calls for some different parts. This thread is paired down from the previous version, since some of the other stuff sold. SI shift boot can go since I'm not...
  9. 1.5T Remote Engine Start System II Transmitter on Touring Trim

    Wanting to link the Honda OEM Remote Engine Start System II Transmitter Key Fob to my 2017 Honda Civic Touring Sedan in order to gain the LCD temperature readout. Has anyone else had any luck with this? My local dealership is trying to tell me it’s not possible... They "tried" to program it...
  10. Civic SI Rims with new tires

    Like new SI Rims with Goodyear Eagle Sport All Season tires. The tread on these tires are near new, the set has been driven less than 1000kms bolt pattern 5x114.3 235 40 R18 ( will fit any 10th gen civic) Located in Vancouver but could explore shipping if buyer pays for shipping. Feel free...
  11. No 2018 Civic 4-door in Honda eStore?

    Does anyone know why the 2018 Civic sedans are not listed in the Honda eStore? It only lists 2-door (coupe) and 5-door (hatchback) models. Meanwhile, if I change year to 2017, it shows all models. (2, 4, and 5-door) If I'm looking for parts for my 2018 touring sedan, should I browse the 2017...
  12. Honda sending

    Hi guys! My first post on here! So anyways I have a 2018 civic 4 door touring and recently I was on the high way and a rock broke the glass on my driver side fog light. So I purchased anew assembly and did the replacement my self and now whenever I do adaptive cruise control we are noticing that...
  13. Sold Injen SRI for sale Brampton Area $275 obo ST wheels for sale $900

    I have an Injen SRI (black) I'm selling, currently installed on my 17' civic sport touring looking to switch back to stock. Also have the stock sport touring wheels (no tires) for sale as well $900 OBO
  14. Touring remote starter 20 secs stop -mornings only

    Hi, I'm in Toronto When i remote start my Civic Touring first thing in morning the engine cuts out after 20 seconds. The car is outdoors all night. Rest of day seems to be fine and runs for full 10 minutes This is a first thing in morning issue (it seems) when I need it most to warm up...
  15. WTB: Sport Rims/Tires for 17 Hatch [SoCal]

    Ready to upgrade my lx base model wheels to something more sporty! Shoot me a pm if you have something available. I live in LA and its easy to pick up something anywhere in SoCal! Best, Jordan
  16. CIVIC + CRV 1.5t Oil Dilution Recall??

    I've heard of problems with oil dilution on the 1.5T civic and crv engines. I'm in Vancouver, Canada and called the dealership and they said there was nothing for my VIN. How do I know my car is unaffected by this problem?
  17. How to change Transmission Oil on 1.5T CVT

    Honda CVTs are relatively trouble-free, but ONLY when you keep the oil changed. I found lots of good info scattered all over these forums, so I’m just going to compile it here. Tools & parts: Ramps, jack stands, floor jack, Phillips head screw driver, stubby slotted screw driver, oil pan, 3/8...
  18. Injen exhast EX-T & touring Rhode inland

    $750 local pickup in Rhode Island. Selling used injen exhaust, had it on for about 5k miles in the summer. Everything is perfect. See sound link with revs at 0:48
  19. Fitnent: GReddy SP Exhaust for Non-Si Sedan ?

    After watching countless videos I’ve settled on the GReddy Supreme Exhaust for my Touring Sedan. The only problem is GReddy has not created an application specific to the Sedan (non-Si). Now I’ve read threads where others have fitted sedan specific exhaust to Hatchback. I was wondering has...