1. Rear window tint on a hatch. Anyone else have these problems?

    Hello all - I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem after their windows had gotten tinted. I got it done for the 2nd time back in May of this year from the same place. These bubbles were present as soon as I got it back so I thought they’d go away but here it is 2 months later looking...
  2. Honda Sensing Windshield Tint on 2020 Civics Specifically

    I’m about to get my Civic tinted and wanted to tint the windshield or do a tint strip. Has anyone had experience with this and the Honda Sensing camera on the windshield? What did they do in your case?
  3. Murdered out

    Just wanted to share what I've done with a stock black EX and possibly spark some inspiration. Also if anyone knows if there is a kind of tint film I should use for the taillights, let me know. Trying to make this thing as black as possible 👍
  4. Half tint worth it?

    I've never had tinted windows but I do love the look of them; especially on the Type R. New Hampshire law allows for no tint next to, or in front of the driver & <35% behind the driver. I have a PMM. Would it look weird to have the back half of the car darker than the front? What would you do...
  5. Tinting on a Leased Car

    Anyone know what Honda's policy is regarding tinting the windows on a leased car? Will I need to remove it before turning in or will I be charged for "damage"? The last car I leased was through Ford, and they accepted tinted windows as long as the film was intact (no peeling, bubbling...
  6. Pics of windshield front visor strip tint? How far should I go down?

    Anyone have their front windshield visor strip tinted? How far did you go down? Trying to decide whether I should go down to: 1) AS1 line 2) 2 triangles on the side of the windshield 3) Down far enough to cover up the dot matrix on the rearview mirror Would appreciate any pics/recommendations...
  7. Paint Scratches from Tinting?

    If you have the tenth gen hatch, make sure you find a reliable tint shop. I went to this guy who was recommended by the dealership and he ended up scratching the paint all around the interior plastic panels where he went to pry them off to access the hatch window. He claims that he's done...
  8. Windows tinted and chrome trim vinyl wrapped!

    Hello civicx, Just wanted to share an update with you all. I posted earlier this week that I had taken delivery of the car last Saturday and this Thursday got the opportunity to have the windows tinted and chrome trim above the doors and windows vinyl wrapped. The tint is 20% on the rear 3...
  9. Another Tint Thread.

    Couldnt find exactly what I was searching for.... I'm not asking for percentages or types or anything. Hoping I could get a few people to post what it cost to have it done by a shop.. Sedan pricing preferred. Any replies are appreciated :thumbsup:
  10. Need help on tinting with 3m Crystalline 40 or Huper Optik 30 or 40?

    Hey everyone, I was doing some research and have concluded that crystalline and huper optik are basically the top of the class when it comes to tint. I've searched the forums about both of these films and haven't found much (pictures) of these 2 films. I was hoping if yall could post your...
  11. Tinting the Type R

    Hey guys, I've been considering tinting my car, but haven't pulled the trigger. I live in NY metro area, and for NYS they have a bunch of BS rules for visibility %. just want to know if anyone in NY or anywhere else with strict tint rules, have tints and how much attention do you get and would...
  12. MD area Window Tinting

    Hey Guys, Just came back from Frederick Window Tinting out in Frederick, MD and just wanted to post this here in case anyone was looking for a good place to get their CTR / Hatch done properly without needing to get the rear hatch and spoiler taken apart. They purchased their own rear...
  13. Best window tint?

    hey guys so I’m wondering what brand and what type of window tint isn’t he best! I want to put high quality tint on my hatchback when I get it and I don’t want it to purple or even bubble up after a certain time. I know you guys are really smart over this stuff and would take any advice on what...
  14. Window Tinting around the Raleigh, NC area?

    Hi, I'm looking for some good areas that will do a good tint job without asking for too much. I live near Raleigh, Nc. I know this isn't really a good question to be asked on the forums. I plan to just get the legal limit and not have to worry about the police stopping me. Thanks!
  15. Hatchback Tint Question

    Hi All, when you got your hatcback tinted, did you have to have the interior trunk panels and rear spoiler removed? One smaller shop told me they needed to and another bigger company said they didn't have to. Thoughts?
  16. Headlight Tinting

    Hey guys, Thinking of tinting the headlights on my civic however do not want to cover up the daytime running lights. Anyone know of a way to tint without covering daytime running leds? I'm aware that there is a headlight tint for the type r by raw viynl works but have a non touring civic with...
  17. Wobbling sound coming from the back tires

    Hi all, I've started to notice a wobbling sound that starts ~40 MPH on my civic. The wheel doesn't vibrate or anything, but the sound is wobbling, or as if something was warped, and the road noise seems to be louder in the back as well. Anyone has any experience? any comments would be...
  18. Good Tint / Wrap shop in Phoenix valley?

    Looking to get the roof wrapped and get clear ceramic IR tint on the windshield and sunroof. Anyone have any good experiences in the Phoenix valley? I've seen some Google reviews and most shops around me have bad reviews...willing to travel around the valley for a good job done. Thanks guys
  19. Civic Type R and tinting the hatch trunk windows concerns

    I spoke with a guy who has tinting the CTR and informed me that the wing needs to come off in order to install tint in one piece of film to properly shrink it. Is this true? Because my other option is to 3 pieces of tint on the back which said no one would notice it, What should i do? Thanks
  20. Two-piece rear tint?

    Does anyone have any pictures of window tint they got where the installer didn't remove the wing to tint the rear window? Wondering how it will look.