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  1. 10th gen civic: Rear sway bar with or without anti-roll brace?

    Hey, I'm an old head so this is my first forum post ever; wanted to get some real reviews on this. I'm very knowledgeable on cars with many years working at a dealer, but there's no real evidence online for this one question I have just a lot of opinions on why a RSB brace is good to have...
  2. Handling upgrades

    I just purchased some new wheels and tires for my 2017 civic coupe ext. The wheels are 18x8 with a 45mm offset and the tires are Michelin pilot sports 245/40s. I want to improve my suspension and handling but don’t think I could do lowering springs with that wheel and tire setup without rubbing...
  3. Canada - BS FS: Karcepts Rear Sway Bar Kit

    Karcepts Rear Sway bar for 10th gen Civics. 1” OD x .095 wall. Includes all hardware as shown in pictures. USD$380 shipped to anywhere in USA and Canada. I’m selling my Karcepts Rear Sway bar kit as I sold my FK8. The Kit was on my car for about 5000 miles. Will also include a different set...
  4. WTB SI Rear sway bar!

    Looking to purchase a SI rear sway bar, let me know if you have one for sale! Located in Canada, AB
  5. Maine FS: Whiteline Sway bar kits

    Hello everyone! I am in Maine, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in my whiteline bits. Still in the shipping box, never opened! I am not going to get around to installing them. I have: BHF97Z (front sway bar) KLC140-335 (adjustable front links) KLL127 (front sway bar...
  6. Sold: SOLD: Cusco Rear Sway Bar | 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R FK8

    Hi everyone, Back for another brand new piece that I never installed... I really need to stop buying stuff and changing my mind... This time I have a Cusco solid 22mm rear sway bar that is brand new, still in the box, and never installed. Yet again, I'm going in another direction, and the...
  7. Sold

  8. Sway bar / rear engine mount

    Hey guys I got a 2019 Civic Sport Sedan not to long ago, and am looking for little things I can do to improve performance. I’ve seen people talking about the sway bar and engine brace, and was wondering if any one could get me some more info and links for specific products? Thanks Everybody!
  9. Front sway bar endlink is leaking?

    I kept hearing suspension rattle recently. I sent it to the dealer today but they didn't found "anything wrong". then I checked myself and found this. It's the upper joint of the frone sway bar end link, and all filled with grease. This couldn't be normal, right? Any idea on this problem? I have...
  10. 2018 Hatch Sport Sway Bar Upgrade

    What's the perferred med to low price swaybar upgrade for the Hatchback Sport? Any recommendations? Do front strut brace help in handling in this model? Thx
  11. Please Delete

    All items sold!
  12. CTR Rear sway bar ***update***

    ****THIS JUST IN UPDATE**** I work at a Honda dealership and had ordered my CTR rear sway bar last month. Just got a price on it again and Honda is starting to catch on to these cheaper CTR parts and marking them up. My price with my discount on the sway bar with brackets is ~$235; so now it is...
  13. Do sway bars really work?

    I installed a Progress Sway Bar on my ‘17 Civic Sport Hatch yesterday. It was an eye opening experience when I installed it to see how the end links worked. The end links have quite a bit of horizontal give, and it made me wonder how adding a stiffer sway bar makes any difference, since it’s...
  14. Sway Bar End Links DIY Install Video

    Here's a good DIY install video we just did on installing new end links on your 10th Gen Civic. Whether you use the SiriMoto ones or a different brand, this video should help you get the job done right! As always, we appreciate any feedback. Enjoy. :thumbsup:
  15. Should I replace the sway bar on my EXT with the one from Touring

    I test drove both the Touring sedan and the EXT before purchase and end up getting the EXT due to budget. However, I felt that the Touring handling was markedly better, more solid and composed around quick turn than the EXT. A little research indicates that the difference is probably due to the...