1. White Spots on Leather Steering Wheel

    I got my 2016 Touring a couple of weeks ago and I've noticed some natural wear to the steering wheel. However, it seems odd that on both of my cars with leather steering wheels, there are these random white specs that come up on certain parts of it. I wouldn't want to try and scratch it off and...
  2. Is there any way to always have the sport mode steering

    I love the way steering feels in sport mode, but for normal driving I also want more plush ride and lower boost (on ktuner stock/23 basemap). Is there any aftermarket hack to keep the steering in sport mode while the other part of the car in normal mode? Thanks in advance.
  3. Sport Mode Reset

    I had my wiring harness for the active damper system replaced by the dealer, but I don't notice the change in sport mode anymore (steering feels the same and boost is not higher than normal mode). The dash shows sport mode is activated. Does anyone know how to reset or re calibrate sport mode?
  4. Metallic Clicking noise and wheel-hopping while turning at low-speed

    Any fellow FK8 owners experience this? You are turning into a parking spot. at under 5kph/3mph, When you turn the steering wheel , while applying very little throttle, and the front end of the car produces some metallic clicking noise, and you feel that one of the front tires hops/skids...
  5. Few Items for Sale.

    Selling OEM floor mats from the 2018 Civic Hatchback. $80 (Includes read and front) Been used for about 2 or 3 weeks. Selling OEM no leather steering wheel and shift knob. $60
  6. steering wheel not centered

    Is it a big issue getting the steering wheel realigned? It was out of alignment from day one but I figured it might be that the tires/wheels were out of alignment. It didn't change after a rotating and balancing of the tires. I figured next time I go get an oil change/balancing done at the...
  7. Instrument cluster knowledge

    Hi brothers.. I am curious about the instrument cluster of civic, the back of instrument there are 3 sockets. Is anyone could explains what cable goes to each sockets?
  8. Steering Wheel Position Sensor: Missing Calibration (C0051-54)

    Hi Everyone, Did a search of the forums for this issue and didn't seem to find it (sorry if I didn't, new here). A bit of background: 2017 Civic EX-T w/Sensing. Code found using BlueDriver OBD II scanner. Code comes up under the "Integrated Driver Assist System Codes" tree in the BlueDriver...
  9. '17 Civic Steering Clunk

    I've done some searching and don't believe I've come across a thread detailing my exact issue. I'm going to bring it to the dealer soon and I know noises are hard to diagnose on the web, but am curious if anyone could provide some insight. 2017 Civic Hatchback LX bought back in August. I now...
  10. Defective Steering

    While all you lucky Honda owners are enjoying your Civics, I've been suffering for 7 months. Here's a write-up I did today prior to a visit to a dealer who didn't have time to work on it today even though I explained the problem when I called and they said they could. I want to love my car but...
  11. Recalibrate Steering Torque Sensor

    Does anyone have any idea on how to reset the steering torque sensor on the 16 Civic? Trying to rule out any actual mechanical problems with my car as the steering pressure feels uneven between turning left and turning right.
  12. New car pulling to the right even after all the basics are in order

    I have a 2017 Civic touring purchased new 4 months ago. I have driven it 8K km/ 5K miles so far. Just last week I started noticing the car pulling towards the right. Below is what has been done after I noticed the pull. 1) Checked tie rod myself, seems alright, nothing loose 2) Tire pressures...
  13. Steering not returning to center from right

    Hey everyone, I've been having an issue with my steering where it'll return perfectly to the center from the left, but is a little off when turning right, and will not completely center out. I've checked my tire pressure and it seems good. My car has about 13,500 miles and is only about 8...
  14. Suspension Creaking When Turning Steering Wheel

    Hi everyone, I apologize if I'm reposting an already discussed issue, this is my first post regarding a problem. I noticed the other day that when my car is on an incline or a decline and I turn the steering while stopped, there's a sort of creaking noise coming from what seems to be the front...
  15. 2016 Civic LX 6-Speed - Front-end Clicking While Turning

    Hey all, I've had my Civic for just shy of a year now and noticed within the past month that when turning and accelerating there is a fairly noticeable clicking sound coming from the front end. It sounds almost exactly like when a CV boot is torn, the grease has come out, and the axle is...
  16. Need Lots of help with my new Honda

    So, yesterday i bought my first car, a 2006 Honda Civic and it has quite a bit of problems, I'll greatly appreciate you guys help. so the car has a power steering issue where the wheel is super hard when going slow or parking. It also has an electrical problem where the right indicating light...
  17. Red Honda Emblems for 2016 Civic?

    Hi! I'm looking for the red Honda emblems for the front, rear and steering wheel. I own a 2016 Honda Civic EXT. Does anyone know where I can purchase this? Thanks!