1. FS: Spoon Magnetic MTF Plug

    Guess what? I bought something without checking if it fits, and now I'm on here selling it! For sale is a Spoon Magnetic MTF bolt and washer- it's the second half of the plug kit that comes with the complimentary oil drain plug. What I didn't realize is that it's not compatible with the FK8...
  2. Spoon Sports - Progressive Springs for FK8

    Anyone buying these? http://www.gotuning.com/product_info.php?products_id=1997 I wonder if these are a bit more engineered than the other springs out there. I would think if Spoon put their name on it, they should be performance oriented (and not just show) but I could be wrong. Says 20mm drop...
  3. Hydrophilic Wide Door Mirror Glass

    I'm surprised that neither Spoon nor Mugen has come up with the hydrophilic mirror at this point. Only the overprised seeker is doing it now, but just hate the overdone fonts all over the mirrors.
  4. Spoon Brake Calipers

    So I've been wondering if anyone has ventured into trying to fit Spoon Sports brake calipers on their 2107+ Civic Si? Wondering which style would fit our knuckle. Looking into getting these as a brake upgrade in the future. :hmm:
  5. Dream Automotive Spoon Sports Coming Soon Page

    I am excited to see what they will have: https://www.dream-automotive.com/
  6. Spoon Heads Unite: Rebirth of the SW388

    Did a quick search and didn't see too much on the rebirth of the Spoon Sports SW388. I'm uploading them onto the site so I figured I'd spread what we know: The story of the Spoon SW388 starts in 1994. Spoon Sports in conjunction with the Russian Desmond Corporation began to work together with...