software update

  1. Get More Boost From Your Civic Type R - FK8 FlashPro Update

    Hum wonder how safe this is? I see there are some other new limit removers on turbos in the settings now as well. wonder what the oem turbo can take. Also video shows power and boost before mod but not after? am I missing something?
  2. Get More Boost From Your Civic Type R - FK8 FlashPro Update

    Leading the Civic Type R FK8 tuning community has been an eventful journey. The countless hours spent around the clock with our hard working team, has allowed us to innovate our FlashPro software and become the industry standard for FK8 tuning while helping manufacturers develop and support...
  3. How to update ECU version?

    I am one of the very fews that could not utilize the oil dilution update and still need to update the ecu in order to use the latest version of ktuner to get all the features I want. However, I finally was able to tlak to a service tech and gave me the price of $135 + plus tax. Is there any...
  4. Best Dealership Location for Service

    I have the KTuner v1.2 and my ecu is 55A but I need to take it into the dealership to get it updated to use 57A. I am trying to be able to go to a dealership and have it done with no expense. I know some people when they have gone to do an oil change, they got the software update alongside. Is...
  5. Warranty Extension Notice Letter

    Anyone else get this? Guess I’m calling Honda to see if there’s a update on my 2018 Civic Touring. This worries me. :dunno::( :feedback:
  6. (Canada) software update for audio issues??

    My audio unit keeps freezing once a month and I have to re-boot the system by pressing and holding the power button, and this morning my clock/time got stuck on the touch screen while the second clock/time display on the speedometer was okay... Are we (in Canada) getting any sort of software...
  7. Success - Touring Audio Software Update Resolves the No-Sound Issue

    I brought my Touring in to the dealer on Thursday and the software was updated to fix the no-sound initialization issue. I have not had any issues with the sound since. The audio also seems to initialize much quicker than previously when it did work.
  8. Honda released a new software update for the audio/nav system!!

    I was at the dealership service center today and when the service guy entered my VIN in their system there was a notice that there is a new software update. It was just released today! I didn't have time to update mine but you guys can call the dealership and get the system updated! Hopefully...