1. Trade 19 Civic Si OEM wheels for 20 Civic Si OEM wheels

    Hey everyone ! ( first post ) I'm looking to trade my silver 19 Civic Si OEM wheels for the 2020 Civic Si black 18' wheels. These have 10,000 miles on them and are in excellent condition. I'm located in the southern California area and willing to drive to you, thanks !
  2. WTB - Ktuner V1.2 for 16+ Civic 1.5T - SoCal

    Looking for unlocked Ktuner V1.2 16+ Civic 1.5 Turbo for local pickup in Orange County area pm me your prices. Thanks.
  3. Place in SoCal for exhaust and coilover install?

    Hey guys, I know the exhaust is an easy bolt on installation but I'm going to get Buddy Club performance coilovers along with a rear camber kit installed so I figured might as well let them knock it out at the same time if possible. Would you guys happen to know a place I can get the coilovers...
  4. Stock Wheels/Tires For Sale

    Hello, I have a set of OEM wheels/tires with about 700 miles on them. They have plenty of tread life left as I have been completely babying the car during the break-in period. I'm located in SoCal and looking for $1400 for the set or $375 each or feel free to leave any offers. Looking to sell...

    Hello Socal peeps! I searched the forums before I started this thread and I can't seem to find any similar or related topics or discussions. Anyhow, I just got my aftermarket exhaust and was planning to have them installed before the Hondata meet. Can you guys give any recommendations on where...
  6. Seeking: Sport or Touring Wheels for 17Hatch

    Hi! If you're looking to upgrade your wheel/tire setup and want to sell your sport/touring setup I am looking to purchase! I live in Hollywood so I could drive anywhere from Ventura down to San Diego to pickup. Looking to spend around 500 for wheels and tires. I have the 16's from the LX...

    Has anyone heard things about the DDM Pro saber 50w led lights?
  8. SoCal Meet-up - Take Two

    I'm not trying to hijack the original thread--just trying to revive the original poster's fantastic idea by creating a fresh one! Like the quoted text says... If you're down for a meet-up just for the fun of it, please let us know, so that we can set up an official date to show off our...
  9. How much did you pay?

    Hey guys. I'm a noob to this forum and the civic life. I just bought my car on 5/20. I was wondering how much did you guys pay for your civic?
  10. License Plate

    Does anyone have pictures on how the "CA Legacy License Plate" looks on their civic?
  11. SoCal Touring Pricing - Can someone double check my research. I hope this helps others!

    Hey everyone! I am shopping for a Touring sedan in Cosmic Blue Metallic. Here is what I got so far. What the Car costs Used this: Here is what True Car Gave me and what true car gave me using my...