1. Honda Error Codes - OBD2 - Torque Pro

    New to actually using OBD2 and Torque Pro .. Should I be able to read ALL 10th gen Honda Civic Error Codes (and Sensors) when using Torque Pro ? If not, Is there an Addon for the GenX Honda Civics for Torque Pro. ? Is there any better OBD2 software that can be used with a WiFi ODB2...
  2. Anyone fitted an Oil Filter Sandwich (on Civic 1.5T)

    Has anyone successfully fitted an Oil Filter Sandwich on the 1.5T Civic, with room for a sensor or two in it ?? From my reading, many are too big to fit in the restricted space of the Civic 1.5T engine. Anyone RELOCATED their Oil Filter .. the Relocation Engine end, typically has inlets &...
  3. Instrument cluster knowledge

    Hi brothers.. I am curious about the instrument cluster of civic, the back of instrument there are 3 sockets. Is anyone could explains what cable goes to each sockets?
  4. TPMS sensor going off

    Has anyone had any issues with their TPMS sensors going off when they shouldn't? I've heard they can be finicky. Does anyone know how to reset it? My tires have around 6,300 miles on them. The dealership rotated/balanced them last week and said they looked great. They're stock wheels/tires. I...
  5. Steering Wheel Position Sensor: Missing Calibration (C0051-54)

    Hi Everyone, Did a search of the forums for this issue and didn't seem to find it (sorry if I didn't, new here). A bit of background: 2017 Civic EX-T w/Sensing. Code found using BlueDriver OBD II scanner. Code comes up under the "Integrated Driver Assist System Codes" tree in the BlueDriver...
  6. Need Stock Sized Maf Diameter Pipe-Housing

    Anyone know where I can purchase a maf sensor housing that is the same size as stock? I was working on making my own intake today and this is the last piece I'll need to make it. It needs to be stock sized tubing and be able to utilize the stock maf sensor. Wherever I can order this...
  7. Recalibrate Steering Torque Sensor

    Does anyone have any idea on how to reset the steering torque sensor on the 16 Civic? Trying to rule out any actual mechanical problems with my car as the steering pressure feels uneven between turning left and turning right.
  8. Aftermarket Tire Pressure Monitoring

    Hey all! So there are few things about the new Civics that don't match up to it's competitors and the tire pressure monitoring is one of those. I love in my wife's Equinox the ability to quickly check and see the specific pressures of each individual tire from inside the cabin. I do like that...
  9. How to re-aim multipurpose camera & radar sensor (not lanewatch camera)

    Hello everyone, Does someone know how to re-aim the multipurpose camera that is on the windshield and the radar sensor located at the bumper civic 2016?