1. Help! Immobilizer kicking on and boost leak

    So I’ve owned my 17 SI for about two years now. The only time my immobilizer has ever turned on before was when my key fob died. yesterday I was racing a charger and at the top of 5th gear over a hill, my immobilizer kicked in at about 110 mph and I had to coast onto the shoulder. I had to jump...
  2. Canada - Ontario LF: Hybrid Racing Short Shifter (2017-2020)

    Hi! Looking to buy a used Hybrid Racing short shifter (for 10th gen Civics, 2017-2020) so that I can compare it with the Acuity shifter. Only looking to buy from someone in Canada. Thanks!
  3. (SOLD) Verus Engineering Canards

    Have no need for them. Shipping included in the price (anywhere in the US) - $150
  4. FS: fkx racing high flow grille (brand new, ceramic coated)

    Hi everyone, I'm selling the "high flow cooling grille" from fkx racing, which they say fits all 10th gen Civic trims, and is currently sold out here The grille is brand new, and I coated it with...
  5. FS: BMSPEC FK7 "Circuit Heart"

    Hey guys and gals, I'm not even sure where to put a listing like this, but with BMSPEC leaving aerodynamics R&D, it's time to sell our company's demo car. We've learned and shared a lot about this car in the past 1.5 years - it has even been featured in online publications during its brief...
  6. Greddy Exhaust "please help"

    Im looking to buy an exhaust for CTR I'm going with GReddy since its the cheapest. my question is what is the difference with the forward mid-pipe and the front over pipe. are they both different mid-pipes?
  7. Si PRL Motorsports Goes 11.235 at 128 MPH!

    We went to our local Keystone Raceway Park last night to see what the Shop car would do... 11.235 at 128 mph backed up with another 11.235 at 127 mph. We now have the fastest and 2nd quickest 10th Gen 1.5T Civic in the world, but still on stock ECU with @KTuner. This car should have a 10...
  8. RIVAL Zupra - Up Close!!

    New Gazoo Racing Garage opened today! I had a chance to go to the Grand Opening. Not really a fan of Toyota but I wanted to see the rival Zupra up close. Unfortunately, we were not able to test drive it today but hopefully in the near future. Got some really good shots today.
  9. Honda Racing Logo File

    Open to all. Please see the attached Honda Racing logo file. Back in 2011 when I bought my Civic TI500 (Special Edition with Pioneer Double Din hard unit) it came factory installed with this logo when the head unit turned on. Honda UK sent me a file of this logo in an attempt to help me...
  10. Oil Pressure measurement Port. ?

    Is there a blocked off Oil Pressure Port on the 10Th Gen Turbo engines. ? I would have through that for service, repair, maintenance, that there should be somewhere to attach an Test Oil Pressure measuring device, to confirm correct operation of the oil pump and its associated systems...
  11. Oil Coolers - Oil Temperature - Oil Pressure

    Oil Coolers - Oil Temperature - Oil Pressure. (1) It would seem that Key to keeping oil dilution low is to get the oil up to temperature for an extended amount of time. (2) We know that for a given oil, as temperature changes, so does oil pressure, dropping as the oil gets hot. (3) If you...
  12. Radium Engineering Master Part/Review Guide

    Noticed no one had a centralized thread for Radium Engineering parts so figured I'd get that started for them. We've started to ship out orders, so thanks to those who ordered. We'd also like this to be a place where you guys post your own pictures with reviews...
  13. CLOSED: Rays and Yokohama Sale Over!

    If you've been on the fence about ordering Rays or Yokohama Wheels then now is the perfect time to order! These wheels are at the absolute lowest price of the year and apply for all sets no matter if they are instock or need to be special ordered. More details on special order sets below. The...
  14. Drag strip helmets

    Was wondering what helmets people have purchased when they go to the drag strip. I understand that they normally have helmets to rent or borrow there but I have a drag strip that's about 5 or so minutes from my house and I live in a small town. I'm thinking there might not be enough to go around...
  15. Is it worth building a Civic ex-t cvt

    I’ve been considering moddifying my Civic but always been hesitant because of the cvt also I’m considering on saving for a 03 Cobra or 2013 Mustang Gt and just have that be my Build car
  16. OFFICIAL Drag-strip 1/4 Mile Time Thread (Gen X Si Only)

    Ok, since the weather is changing, tracks across the country are opening up. I thought it would be nice to have an "Official" 1/4 mile thread regarding your day at your local drag-strip. Please use this format when posting: (example) CAR: 2018 Si Sedan MODS: PRL Cobra Intake, Hondata +9 psi...
  17. Buddy club short shifter!

    Anyone using the newly release buddy club short shifter? If so how does sit and feel?
  18. South East Eibach Meet: April 14th

    We'll be out there tomorrow running the Rays booth at the Eibach Meet. Feel free to stop by! We'll have a lot or merchandise on sale!
  19. Zoom Engineering Carbon Fiber Rear View Mirror

    We are the exclusive US Distributors of Zoom Engineering in the United States. We did some testing on the base Civic models and have a Type R fitment and pictures in the works. Shown are the Oval Carbon (which is smaller than than the OEM mirror) which has the blue convex anti-glare mirror that...
  20. Honda Day

    Anyone going? MIR on April 7th and 8th. $40.00 for both days. Would like to get a group of 10th gens going