1. 2018 Premium Audio System

    Honda 2018 Premium Audio - REVEALED Project Feb 2019 (Work in Progress) Will take a few days to publish the existing work, and finish setting up these 1st 11 pages Over time (weeks /months) I will add content for the empty pages, as I get measurement results. Note: There 1st 11 pages are...
  2. Audio System Update Poll

    What audio system do you have, and what do you intend to do (Or already have done) to improve it. ? What did you find lacking with the OEM system, and how is your system better after your upgrade ? (Please describe your upgrade, and how it has improved your audio)
  3. 94 Octane Gas

    Hey Guys, So I filled my 2018 Si for the first time yesterday, I put in 94 octane. The station also offfered 91 but I opted to go with the 94 instead. Did I make the right choice? Any advice on which premium gas I should run in my Si? Always happy to hear your responses, -Daniel
  4. 1.5T Regular v. Midgrade v. Premium Gas Performance

    So the 1.5T manual recommends regular unleaded as its default source but have seen posts that boast a boost in performance when using premium. From my experience, using premium boosts the engine response of higher rpm driving even with a resonator delete. Has anyone experimented with using...