no audio

  1. No audio!

    So today I got my windshield tinted with air 80 to block out the UV rays. When I left the place I heard a clicking noise from the left tweeter so I brought the car back. When I brought it back I was trying to access the music and that's when the screen kept flashing green and no audio. The...
  2. New Software Update for No Audio

    After the umpteenth visit for my audio system (no audio this particular time) and 4 days this week in the shop, I picked my car back up after being told by the dealership they were told another software update is coming out in like a month for the infotainment system. It's supposed to fix...
  3. Lost the Home Screen-Touring

    No Home Screen - I got my Touring in mid Feb. After about a week my Home Screen disappeared. I could not get to any settings. The screen itself worked - map, audio, camera, ect. I rebooted it several times, no luck. I took it to the dealer, it was there all day. The tech guy was on the phone...
  4. Success - Touring Audio Software Update Resolves the No-Sound Issue

    I brought my Touring in to the dealer on Thursday and the software was updated to fix the no-sound initialization issue. I have not had any issues with the sound since. The audio also seems to initialize much quicker than previously when it did work.