1. 1.5T Hobby-man's engine thread

    So for those regulars around here who don't know yet, I lost my engine (L15BA) on Tuesday during some street datalogging for an e-tune with Derek Robinson. Here is a link to my most recent update post in @gtman's tuning survey. In brief, I had been running for most of my tuned miles (nearly 20k...
  2. MHI Turbo Reliability

    Hey guys, I have a 2020 civic SI and I am considering the MHI Turbo upgrade as it fits all my needs. I am currently running TSP Stage 1 with a PRL Stage 1 Intake. My question is if I get the MHI Turbo and tune it to around 260WHP and under 300lb/ft of torque, will this still be a reliable daily...
  3. Which one ??

    I was thinking of getting started with an N/A engine for my first car project ever a single cam civic to learn on and i was wondering if i should do that or go with the l15b7 that i already own as my first car + what do u guys think the l15b7 would make n/a
  4. Si 2020 Si 0 miles block build thread

    Hello All, I definitely can’t leave well enough alone on my FK7! I purchased a full short block L15B7 with 0 miles from College Hills Honda yesterday and picked it up. Now comes the build portion. I’d like to get some healthy HP/TQ figures, and keep reliability up at the same time. Right now...
  5. 2019 Civic Si MT - Low speed touchy throttle

    Hey guys, I wanted to inquire about an issue that's been annoying me regarding the throttle while cruising. Maybe it's a common thing, or there is a fix... any way, here goes: I've noticed that the throttle on my Si is very touchy or sensitive in certain conditions. It is while cruising at low...
  6. 1.5 Engine Question

    Is the L15B7 (that's the engine in the turbo models, right?) a non interference engine? Also, it's got a timing belt, and not a chain, right?
  7. Is this Hondata ECU re-flash for the 1.5T (L15B7) a real thing?

    Here is the link: http://www.vtec.net/news/news-item?news_item_id=1284152 They say it costs $295 and gives the L15B7 an extra 25 to 28 HP, works best with 91 octane instead of regular and doesn't impact fuel economy. That much power is "hidden" in the same exact engine with the stock...
  8. Civic Hatch 1.5L engines horsepower and torque differences between trims?

    I was reading this review that Google News linked me to for the 2107 hatches this morning- http://www.tflcar.com/2016/11/2017-honda-civic-hatchback-first-drive-review-the-return-of-cool-video/ They list the different currently available trims for the hatch - LX MT, LX CVT, Sport MT, Sport CVT...
  9. Connecting rod measurements?

    Are there any internal measurements for the 1.5T yet? Specifically I'm looking for rod length, since bore and stroke are already known (73.0mm x 89.4mm, respectively). I'm curious to know what the rod-to-stroke ratio is.