ktunerflash v2

  1. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    For more information please contact us via email:[email protected] We set out to perform extended testing and verify tune results with the help of one of our dealers on the east coast, Derek at Innovative-Motorworks. One of his customers was one of the first to schedule ECU unlocking with us...
  2. KTuner For Type-R - Now Available

    Hello Fellow CivicX Enthusiasts! It brings me great pleasure to announce our release of KTuner for the 17+ Civic Type-R!!!! For those of you looking for a little more in depth information on our journey and where we're headed, check out the KTuner and the Type-R – Where do we go from here...
  3. V1.2 and V2 Owners Using The TunerView App

    Make sure you're choosing the right protocol in the TunerView App Settings. Here's a quick video tutorial! We've had quite a few guys leave feedback about the app not working when it just hasn't been setup properly.