1. Concerning Knock Count & Control. Any help?

    Let me start off by listing the stuff i’ve done to my car. PRL >Catless< race downpipe. Map front pipe, map catback exhaust + race muffler PRL intercooler + charge pipe upgrade PRL Flex fuel kit PRL street cold air intake TSP stage 2 (Ktuner v2) So my problems started to happen a couple days...
  2. Virginia FS: Si Coupe Partout + Ktuner V2

    Sold my Si coupe. Items for sale: KTuner V2 - have TSP stage 1 tune, and Vit Viper stage 1 tune - $500 New Kooltint chrome delete kit (matte black) for coupe - $40 Factory Si intercooler and piping w/ hardware - approx 15k mi - $50 Factory Si motor mount - approx 15k mi - $20 Factory Si...
  3. California KTuner v1.2

    Hello, For sale is a KTuner v1.2 that is unlocked. I only had it for a year and now I don’t need it since I sold my vehicle. I can do local pickup or ship it. $350 shipped
  4. California KTuner v1.2

    Hello, For sale is a KTuner v1.2 that is unlocked. I only had it for a year and now I don’t need it since I sold my vehicle. I can do local pickup or ship it. $350 shipped
  5. 2019 honda civic ex cvt non si tsp stage 1

    Can anyone give me more details on the difference between the 3 maps on the tsp stage 1 tune for the non si cvt's and the eco button?
  6. Please help, issues with p0139

    So a couple days ago I just out of the blue got a p0139 code. well I did some reading and saw that this isn’t the biggest deal, so I just flashed again with the disabling option for this code added in KTuner. This resulted in TONS of issues within a half hour of driving around. My car kept...
  7. Ktuner with TSP Stage 1 tune on the way

    Just bought a Ktuner from TSP with their Stage 1 Tune. Can't wait to get it and re flash. There are multiple threads already on this subject so I will not be adding to the already extensive member reviews. Thanks to all of you that have talked about your experiences, both pros and cons
  8. FS: Brand new Ktuner V2

    Hey guys, I have a brand new Ktuner V2 for sale. Was going to use it for my SI but I'll be trading her in by the end of the year. Asking price is $500. Will not ship, local pick up. Located in Boise, Idaho Thanks!
  9. 1.5T Ktuner Anti-Lag/2step set-up - Share your setup

    Just curious to see what everyone has their anti-lag/2step set at. Here’s mine: Basic 2step Limit:4500 Restart: 4450 anti lag: Min RPM: 4000 IGN target: -10 feel free to share any insight & your setup if you’d like.
  10. Phearable GOD MODE - How do they achieve this?

    Just curious as to how they achieve this. I understand its not exactly great for our cars however im just curious as Im learning how to tune. Any insight as to what parameters have to be changed on Ktuner software? Thanks.
  11. California FS: Android Aftermarket Headunit

    Direct plug-n-play replacement for 10th Gen headunit. Also selling Apple CarPlay dongle so you can seamlessly connect your iPhone and use the CarPlay interface. This can also connect to your Ktuner v1.2 unit so your can view selected parameters while you drive (using $5 TunerView app) . All...
  12. Virginia Si parts for sale- KTuner - PRL stage 1 - brake pads rotors-LOWER PRICES

    PRL Stage 1 intake - black hose and AEM air filter - $40 shipped
  13. Minnesota FS: TrippyPancakes Sport Hatchback part out

    ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN SOLD Items that are up for sale: SALE PENDING - KTuner v1.2 - $260 +SH (comes with TSP stage 1 for street MAF and TSP stage 1 intake hose if you want) 27won CAI - $200 +SH (installed for roughly 1.5k miles, comes gold taped if you'd like otherwise I can take the tape off...
  14. California Ktuner v1.2 forsale

    I am selling my ktuner v1.2 for the 10th gen honda civic si, it was on my 2019. It is unlocked as seen in attachment picture and I have the pherable 1.5 tune that I can email you the file. It is in new like condition, asking 400. Obo
  15. California Ktuner V1.2 W/ TSP Stage 1 (SOLD)

    Purchased from a member on here to try out on my 2020 si. Decided I am going to buy a Tacoma and unpaired this from the car. I have the TSP Stage 1 tune for 2019-2020 year but I can probably get the 2017-2018 from the original owner if needed (We had TSP convert it.) Price is exactly what I...
  16. TSP stage 1- loss of throttle in 4th, 5th and 6th gears

    Hello fellow civicx fam, I have a 2020 civic SI. I recently bought a ktuner V2 and uploaded TSP stage 1 on it. My mods are PRL street MAF CAI and muffler delete engine wise. Comparing to the threads on here, the car performs as it should. However I have a problem in map 2 and map 3 sport mode...
  17. Missouri FS: KTuner V2 with Civic Si TSP Stage 1 tune for sale. Unlocked.

    Selling my KTuner V2 used on my 2018 Honda Civic Si. TSP Stage 1 tune included and I can send e-mailed files. I have both the regular tune and the "inverted" tune where the "hot tune" was in slot 1 or default when starting the car without the KTuner plugged in. This is how I ran the car about...
  18. Indiana For Sale: 27Won, Acuity, Ktuner & More!

    Separating intake to it's own posting. All for sale from a 2019 Si Sedan that I sold: Ktuner v1.2- unlocked and ready to go. SOLD 27Won intake- it is missing one of the MAF mounting screws (fell out into engine bay abyss when I uninstalled). Great shape otherwise. $350 + shipping Acuity...
  19. Oregon K-Tuner V2 (Unlocked)

    I recently sold my 2017 civic sport hatchback. Which left me with a K-Tuner V2. It's currently programmed for tunes completely by Vit-Tuned. It was a lot of fun having this in the car. Gave the car a bit more omph and leveled out the acceleration. Let me know if you're interested. $550 obo...
  20. California [SOLD] Ktuner v1.0

    Selling my unlocked Ktuner v1.0 OBD module. Asking $250 obo.