1. 2016 Civic Touring Misfiring but no Check Engine Light

    TRICKIEST MISFIRE EVER Car is already modded with PRL short ram intake (race MAF), and a TSP race MAF tune for 9 months with no issues. Been tuned for 1 year and 2 months, 28 000 km or about 17k miles. All started with a limp mode on Map 3 going 80% throttle. Car surged and CEL flashed, pulled...
  2. KTuner For Sale (CHEAP)

    Hello, I have recently sold my 17 Si :( and now have an unlocked Ktuner 1.2 which I no longer need. It is still in great condition with no issues. I am only asking $250
  3. Texas Part out

    Selling as follows Ktuner V2, with tsp 1.5(race) and tsp1.5+ (race) tunes, includes dash mount. $550 27won intake with Race Maf $300 DC Sports strut tower brace $100 I prefer to sell locally, but will ship at your expense. parts are off a 2019 SI sedan I prefer to sell through paypal.
  4. Si flex fuel tune for non si?

    I have a 10th gen ex and wanted to get a flex fuel kit. I was looking at tunes for my ktuner v2 and found a civic si tune and couldnt find any for a non si. Would the si tune work on my car?
  5. UO131 & U129E ktuner code???

    I️ have a 2019 civic sport hatchback 6MT and I️ recently had a few things done to my car, started with tsp stage 1 tune then I️ had a shop install a PRL FMIC with charge pipes, PRL CAI street maf and a ACT street clutch kit now I️ am getting 2 codes when I️ check ktuner. They are U129E and UO131...
  6. California KTuner v1.2 unlocked $350

    Selling my unlocked KTuner v1.2 because I traded in my civic! willing to ship as it won’t be expensive. Will use PayPal goods and services. Located in Palmdale California
  7. Ktuner app disconnecting

    Hey just needing some help with the ktuner app disconnecting and everytime i try to connect it flashes connect then disconnects instantly. Anyone know how to resolve the issue?
  8. Ktuner ecu code not an option

    Hi, ive had my ktuner v1.2 for about a year or so and whenever i taught i tuned it i never really noticed a difference in performance and then realized my ecu code was never a option but the options i have were close to the code so would that be the issue of why my tune never worked?(serious)
  9. KTUNER v2 help — where are my datalogs?

    Hey, trying to send my data logs over to my tuner but I’m a noob — I start/stop log while driving. I come come and plug ktuner to PC. where can I find my data logs saved onto my ktuner? How can I save the file to send to my tuner?
  10. KTuner v1.2 and RV6 Rear Camber Kit for sale! Prices include shipping to CONUS.

    KTuner v1.2 - $400 RV6 Rear Camber Kit - $600 Photos attached! Thanks for looking! Message me if interested!
  11. Georgia SOLD - Ktuner V2 with TSP Stage 1 and Mount

    I am selling my Ktuner V2 with TSP Stage 1 tune for 5AAA55 and 5AMA0x ECUs. Will use TSP file coversion to convert tune if this does not match your ECU. Would prefer pickup but also shipping. Buyer pays. Still currently using with car but will unlock from car when sold. I will provide proof of...
  12. KTuner in California?

    Tuning and California don't mix... every reputable site claims they cannot ship to California but let's just saying if anyone in California wanted to get their hands on KTuner is there a possible way or is all hope lost?
  13. where can I tune my 2.0 N/A

    So I have been looking for a tuner that's in the LA area to do a custom tune on my car, but apparently its really hard to do so or i just suck at looking. I would need someone that can work with the Ktuner v2.
  14. California fs ktuner v2 unlocked 400$

    hey guys selling a ktuner v2 comes with both cables in very good condition and obviously will come unlocked im located in socal (hi-desert area) if you wanna meet up or i can ship it as well. hmu on ig @evxile for a faster response (idk if this is in the right thread so move me if i’m wrong)
  15. Misfiring/breakup on acceleration 2016 civic touring (cvt)

    Have been having a bunch of misfiring issues with my car recently only at WOT. Powerband feels like it breaks up while under medium to heavy acceleration. I daily the car pretty heavily; do a lot of medium to heavy acceleration and a lot of highway commuting (wot probably twice a week before my...
  16. Very High Negative Fuel Trims

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. I have a 2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe, with 50k miles. On my Ktuner V2, it’ve noticed my Short term fuel trims(STFT) usually range between -16% to 4%. My Long Term Fuel trims (LTFT) currently sitting at -14% to -10%. I am in college right now, and my driving...
  17. Ohio K Tuner V2 - LIKE NEW! $500

    Purchased new from K Tuner, tuned my car and put it back in the box. Still has plastic on the screen. Comes with a mount plate, cable, stickers, and original packaging. My car was totaled out, and I sent it to K Tuner to have them unlock it last week. Ready to go, like new. I'm in Central Ohio...
  18. Knock Control Spiking Up

    hey guys, I drive a 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport 1.5T CVT. It has a Takeda Boxed intake, catless downpipe, and a ktuner v1.2 setup on a TSP Stage 1 Tune. I’ve recently gotten filled up with the wrong gas about 3 days ago and I know the tune requires (93 OCTANE), but I got filled up with 87...
  19. California fs wts ktuner v2

    hey guys i have a ktuner v2 up for sale at 450$ it comes with both cables and it’s slightly scratched (nothing bad) i’m up in victorville but i can meet up in socal like ontario riverside etc. you can check out my ig @evxileif you want faster responses i’m open to offers
  20. Flex Fuel Connector

    Does anyone know what this connector on the flex fuel kit is called. One of the prongs broke so wanna replace it.