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  1. Our 2016 Honda Civic Si Coupe preview render images

    Now that the 2016 Civic sedan has been revealed, showing us in effect what the coupe model will resemble, we've put together these preview images of what the 2016 Civic Si Coupe may look like based on the revealed sedan, coupe spy photos, the coupe concept, and of course a bit of our own...
  2. Video: 2016 Civic walk around - interior (with digital gauges) and exterior

    Enjoy a walk around of the Touring model showing exterior and interior, including the beautiful digital gauges.
  3. First look 2016 Civic review and price details from press launch

    Some good pics, impressions, and a hint at the price from the press launch. Full driving reviews are still embargoed for now. The base model (2016 Civic EX) will start within $200 of the 2015 EX model. 2016 Honda Civic a wake up call for world-compact-car segment American Honda's roll...
  4. Spotted 2016 Honda Civic Sedan in White (next to 9th gen coupe)

    Shots of the 2016 Honda Civic Sedan (white colour) versus the 9th gen Civic coupe.
  5. Burgundy Night Pearl on 2016 Civic

    Some good shots showing off the Burgundy Night Pearl color on a 2016 Honda Civic Sedan Touring (1.5L CVT) The deep Burgundy color really shows in the sun. The Motor Trend photos are also of a Burgundy Night Pearl Civic.
  6. 2016 Civic Release Date (last week Oct - first week Nov)

    Hey all, I just got a call from my local dealer, who will be having their training for the new Civic on October 23rd. The sale of the car would begin a week or two after that. Thought I'd just pass the info along!
  7. Will all body types be about same size?

    Are we expecting that the sedan, coupe, and hatchback will all be the same length? After seeing the sedan looking kinda big I'm not sure the car can look like a real sporty hatchback, it might just be too long to achieve the sport hatch look. :( Any chance the hatchback will be inches shorter...
  8. 2016 Honda Civic colors (exterior/interior) leaked

    2016 exterior colors include: Aegean Blue Metallic, Burgundy Night Pearl, Cosmic Blue Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Lunar Silver Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, White Orcid Pearl, Taffeta White and Rallye Red 2016 interior colors are Black (BK), Gray (GR), Ivory (IV).
  9. Some more looks at 2016 Honda Civic sedan touring [Video]

    Some more looks at the 2016 Civic sedan in Modern Steel Metallic.
  10. What the press is saying about the 2016 Honda Civic

    “Every generation of the car rested on the assumption that buyers were blindly loyal and that every competitor was asleep like they were in the ‘80s. This car will be far more dynamic and sporty than past Civics.” -- Eric Noble, president of CarLab, a consulting firm in Orange, Calif. "Those...
  11. Detroit reveal photos of 2016 Honda Civic sedan

    You've seen plenty of the silver 2016 Civic sedan revealed at the LA debut, now here's some looks at the gray sedan which was shown at the Detroit reveal.
  12. 2016 Civic price announcement coming October 19

    According to Autonews, pricing will be announced on October 19 and on-sale date is later in the Fall.
  13. Motortrend: 2016 Honda Civic Sedan first look review

    Motor Trend first look review: Here it is:
  14. Spotted: 2016 Honda Civic Sedan FULLY Revealed!

    [Admin Edit]: We have our first FULL look at the new 2016 Honda Civic Sedan parked in Ann Arbor, Michigan! The unmistakable "boomerang" tail lights and the sleek greenhouse are seen carried over from the Civic Concept revealed at the 2015 New York International Auto Show. With headlights...
  15. 2016 Honda Civic Sedan Reveal - CivicX LIVE Coverage at YouTube Space LA!

    Hello Civic X fans! We are here live at YouTube Space LA for the 2016 Honda Civic sedan global debut! Here are the very first images from the event of the Lunar Silver Metallic sedan. Be sure to keep checking back as we get you all the latest of the next-gen Civic X! What details do we know...
  16. Official: Invite to 2016 Honda Civic Sedan LA Reveal - Sept. 16

    As an employee of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., we invite you to join us for the global unveiling of the New Generation 2016 Honda Civic with a special performance from Night Riots at the YouTube Space LA. This exclusive event will be held on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015. While we’d love...
  17. 2016 Honda Civic Coupe Interior and Exterior Up-Close!

    We've just caught the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe up close for the first time! Although much of the exterior remains camouflaged, we get a close look at the new roofline which carries down to a wider, lower, sportier and more aggressive look. The interior is all-new -- showing vastly improved...
  18. 2016 Civic Sedan silhouette teaser from Honda

    Here's an official silhouette teaser of the 2016 sedan from Honda. Compare to spy photos, patents and renderings.
  19. 2016 Honda Civic to debut September 16 in Detroit and LA!

    UPDATE: 2016 Civic Sedan will make global debut LIVE on YouTube at 6:15 PM PDT on September 16, 2015! It's official, the 2016 Civic sedan will debut September 16, in Detroit and LA! Via Automobile
  20. Civic Trim Levels (Speculation)

    I just did this for fun, i was bored at work. It's in no way official, just speculation based on what we know about the civic already, the current civic, and what honda has mentioned in various interviews. I based most of the standard equipment listed on the features for the current civic while...