heat shield

  1. 1.5T Thermal Barrier Coating PRL DP

    Hey all, I’ve searched and searched the forums for more info on this but have only come across one thread where someone did this. I would love to know if anyone else has any experience! I just sent my newly delivered PRL catted DP v2 off to get ceramic coated. (Thermal barrier coated) The shop...
  2. Should i install turbo blanket or not?

    Ive had my turbo blanket for a while now and the reason for not putting it in is i seen in another forum of the chance of oil getting on it and catching on fire or just damaging the surrounding area, i live in CA so the heat can get up there sometimes so im just wondering if thats a low chance...
  3. Heat Shield with SRI

    How come PRL doesn’t offer heat shield with their SRI. From what I gather heat soak is the biggest concern from people.
  4. Excess Engine heat

    how important is this. It's Easley removed, and put back on. The extra space could help with engine heat. And it looks like there's cutouts perfect for a future hood cut.