1. Exhaust Options for Hatchback Sport

    Hey everyone, so I have a 2017 sport touring hatchback and been trying to figure out my exhaust. I'm currently running on a bit of a budget so I don't want to spending over $500-600, if possible. If anyone has a sound clip for the ones listed or any suggestions that I didn't mention please feel...
  2. Florida Invidia R400 for sale (titanium tips) $800

    Used invidia r400 for sale, scratches on the bottom. I have hardware, but would recommend new as you "should" change gaskets when installing. Would rather local sale in orlando and surrounding area.
  3. bolt on mods question

    hi guys i just recently bought a used 2018 CTR with 2km mileage on it. not tuned. it has these parts installed: - Gruppe M carbon airbox and intake - Hks blow off valve - Hks downpipe - Blitz nur spec exhaust my question is: do i need a tune for these mods listed above? its also good to...
  4. Georgia OEM Exhaust For Sale

    I will have my OEM exhaust (including Front Pipe) removed tomorrow morning, 9/1. Would prefer local pickup to 30062, but willing to ship at owners expense. Make me an offer!
  5. 1.5T MagnaFlow Exhaust 19312 - Drone?

    I'm thinking about getting the MagnaFlow 19312 exhaust system for my EX-L sedan. I do like the fact that it has a nice, deep "better than stock" sound. But I'm just wondering how bad the drone is, if any? Does anyone else have this exhaust?
  6. Best exhaust for 10th gen civic si sedan to pair with coil overs or springs?

    Looking for an exhaust that does not hang low because my car is lowered and I don’t want my exhaust to be hitting or scraping anything.
  7. California FS: SI Turbo, CAI, Rims, KTuner, Headlights, Exhaust - San Diego

    Whattup everyone! I have a bunch of parts for sale that came off of my 2019 Civic SI Sedan. I had the parts on for roughly 10,000 miles and always ran KTuner’s conservative tune for the 27WON W1 turbo. Hoping to sell locally in San Diego, Ca ***SOLD*** RV6 Catted Downpipe & Frontpipe - $600...
  8. Massachusetts WTS: OEM Si parts (intercooler, charge pipes, shifter, all three motor mounts, rear sway bar), Perrin License plate relocate

    Howdy, have been doing upgrades. $50 - sold OEM Si Intercooler and charge pipes (replaced with PRL) $20 - OEM SI shifter (replaced with Acuity), $30 SOLD - all three motor 1.5L motor mounts (replaced with Hasport), $20 - OEM Si Rear Sway Bar and end links (replaced with whiteline) $50 SOLD -...
  9. ZACWEL's Build: 2020 Hatch Sport CVT

    Hey all! I'm creating this thread to share what I have done/am doing to my 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport, and will update as time goes on and my build progresses. Unfortunately, I didn't take a whole lot of progress pics or mid-project pics, but I wanted to put my build out there for...
  10. Exhaust recommendations (3 tip, minimal drone)?

    Only 2 mods I want, don’t want a tune or anything. Will this combination throw any CEL’s on a 2021 CTR?
  11. 2018 Civic LX Horrible exhaust smell/evap codes

    So a year or so ago I got in an accident. Backed my car into a street light. And since then my check engine light has been on obviously, throwing evap sensor codes and if say I'm on the freeway and I push the gas harder I get this horrible exhaust smell. I'm wondering if that has something to do...
  12. Maryland WTB Aftermarket Exhaust

    Looking to buy an aftermarket exhaust for my Type R. I live in the Baltimore, MD area. Let me know what you’ve got!
  13. Exhaust Help

    Hi guys, Ill be buying a 2018 Civic Si Coupe soon and been having trouble deciding on what exhaust option to go with. I dont want something too loud, mostly something with a nice deep tone. These are the options I have so far: 1 - Vibrant muffler + ultra quiet resonator 2 - Resonator Delete...
  14. AFE DP/FP

    Been doing quite a bit of research and leaning toward the AFE twisted steel catted dp/fp since the consensus is that it is least likely to throw a code. They also seem to be having a sale this weekend where I can buy both for $1,113 shipped. It seems very pricey though, and I am on the fence...
  15. Noob Question about my 2021 FK7 EX

    Hi everyone! I'm super new into the car game and I just bought a Civic Hatch EX 2021 a few months ago. I was wanting to swap out my stock diffuser with a Sports version so I can have someone reroute the exhausts towards the center and weld on some tips. I've read this/this/this and a few other...
  16. Perfect Exhaust Sound!

    Hey everyone, just wanted to share my experience for anyone else looking to do what I did as I wasn't able to find any info on this when I was looking into it. Basically what I wanted was an exhaust that sounded nice, not too quiet, and would not be loud enough for a cop to give me a VI (very...
  17. Virginia WTB full Remus exhaust

    WTB full Remus exhaust with front pipe, sound controller, and any tips. Thanks.
  18. 27won exhaust stock downpipe

    Who is running this setup? I’m straying away from AWE because of the stupid slip joints. How does the 27won exhaust sound? Any rasp when opening it up? Installing on my daily, already have the PRL intake.
  19. Texas Stock Type R Exhaust

    Selling my stock exhaust off of a 2019 Type-R. Located in Austin, TX $150.00