exhaust mod

  1. PRL catless downpipe used for 2k miles

    Purchased a catless downpipe used it for roughly 2k miles and decided to go catted instead. Is the version 2 with tabs for oem heat shielding! Brand new goes for 350 I'm looking for 300 obo
  2. Civic 2019 Sport / Exhaust

    Hey, just bought a 2019 Civic Sport! Does anyone know of any exhausts for this model? I have found SI ones, not sure if they would work for this model... Please send pictures or leave comments!
  3. Type R Muffler Delete - Sounds PERFECT

    Hey guys, I wanted to share a video I recently posted of my Type R getting the muffler deleted. I've seen videos of the muffler and res deletes, but I thought they were too "fart can" for my tastes. I went with the muffler delete (removed the two mufflers at the back, left the center...