1. West Coast Eibach Meet 2017 (Video)

    Hey, guys! I was able to go to the West Coast Eibach Meet this year and saw some cool Hondas. I made a video if anyone is interested here's the link:
  2. This is the Difference Between SPC and Eibach Rear Camber Kits

    For those of you who want a rear camber kit, but are wondering what the difference between the SPC and Eibach Rear Camber Kits are, well its the card board box. I have the two kits (cancelled order still went through for one of them) and upon inspection the only difference as of now is the...
  3. Jonnys Honda Sport Touring Build Thread

    Hey all! I'm Jon and I bought my 17 Hatchback Sport Touring about 4 weeks ago now. I figured I should start a thread. *All mods below have been removed and sold. Car has also been sold* Exterior: Car wrapped in Avery Dennison Matte Metallic Anthracite Roof Gloss black wrap Phillips LED Fog...
  4. Eibach Sportline

    Anyone have the Eibach sport line springs installed on their sedan? I'm looking into these but wanna see what the drop looks like. Pics pics pics please!
  5. 2016 Civic Coupe Eibach Pro-kit

    First thread/post here after lurking the last few months. Proud owner of an Ex-T coupe. Coming from a 6th gen (Spoon, rpf1's etc) canyon carver/toy, I naturally got the bug to make subtle changes to the blank canvas in my driveway. Decided to call Eibach, and order some moderate springs for...