1. California BMSpec Duckbill Spoiler Extension FK7

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a BMSpec duckbill spoiler extension for my 2018 hatchback. If anyone has one on their hands or knows where I can find one I’d really appreciate it. Thanks! Ryan

    Im selling my 2019 Sport Hatchback rims or wheels or whatever the heck their called now. The rims only have 6k miles on them, used from May 2019-first week of January 2020. They have NO DAMAGE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY NO CURB RASH. They are priced at $600 however price is negotiable. The duckbill...
  3. Kplayground KPG Painted Duckbill Spoiler for Sedan

    Installed this duckbill I got from Kplayground. Comes painted or in carbon fiber. So far I've only seen one other member here with this duckbill (JJ707, who kindly helped me before I ordered mine), so I thought I would post mine in case others would like to see. I love the look of it. Many...
  4. GAS duckbill spoiler for 10th gen Hatch (Galpin Auto Sport)

    For those who have ordered one recently or in the past, how long did it take to receive the duckbill? The Website description says "In production, will ship in 30 days or less" the duck bill is widely available for purchase now on shopgalphinauto unlike before you had to make private requests.
  5. Trunk Duckbill Spoiler

    Hey guys anyone know where I can get this duckbill at? Tried looking around but unsuccessful so hoping someone here has a link. Thanks guys!
  6. Question about the factory “spoiler” and trunk.

    So I want to remove that stock “spoiler” that comes on the touring 4 door, and replace it with a little duckbill one I found online. The only problem is I know the trunk has those 8 small holes in it under that stock spoiler. The duckbill should cover the holes but I want to know if there is...
  7. Thoughts on installing a trunk lid spoiler on Hatchback tailgate?

    I had an idea to add a deckled spoiler to be similar to this one However, that spoiler has yet to be released, so measuring my tailgate, it measures 42" from ends o end and wanted to know what are your thoughts on using some kind of flexible polyeurthane spoiler like this instead...