drop in

  1. Virginia Type R PRL drop in filter

    Bought two by accident. $50 shipped in the US
  2. K&N Drop In Air Filter, My Thoughts

    I just installed K&N air filter model 33-5044, got it for $50 on Amazon, on my 2020 civic si. Super easy install, 4 bolts and you're in. Does it add power? Maybe but it is negligible, the marketing says 6.5 hp. Does it improve the driving experience? It improved the throttle responsiveness and...
  3. PRL Motorsports FK8 Civic Type-R Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade

    BLOG POST As some of you may have seen, we have been testing our prototype drop-in turbocharger upgrade for the FK8 Civic Type-R platform over the past couple of weeks. What we haven’t shown, though, is the fact that we’ve spent countless hours over these weeks learning about the Bosch ECU, how...