1. Si Serious issue with clutch/clutch system... Can't shift easily/locked out while driving

    Mod list: FX350 w/SMF, acuity bushings and shifter upgrade, amsoil synchromesh, Sirimoto CMC and clutch line, CDV delete So some back story... I had the classic high rpm lockout with aftermarket clutches. It wasn't terrible after I adjusted the master cylinder plus I don't drive too hard very...
  2. Type R clutch retrofit and cmc now available!

    Emans type r retro fit and cmc are now available for order on his website
  3. Spec + wilwood cmc = leak?

    Saw a post not too long ago from @Thanks_Enjoi about a fluid leak coming through the fire wall under his clutch pedal. He has the spec 2+ with wilwood cmc (same as me). After reading that, I went and looked under my pedal and it looked dry. fast forward a week to today and i actually got...