1. Ohio $150 OEM Hatchback Taillights

    OEM Tail Lights off of a 2018 Honda Civic Sport Touring Hatchback with 28,000 miles on it and include the hatch left and right lights as well as the quarter panel lights. I would let them go for $150. Packed up in a styrofoam box. Can ship at buyers expense.
  2. Minnesota $50 OEM Sport Hatchback Exhaust + Frame Brace FK7

    OEM Exhaust off of a 2018 Honda Civic Sport Touring Hatchback (FK7) + Frame Brace Exhaust has only seen two days of snow. (Texas car) Has 29,000 miles on it. Comes with Front Pipe Ring Gasket (already installed on exhaust see photos) Selling since I am moving and don’t need this exhaust in...
  3. Texas Civic Si OEM Parts

    looking to sell these, willing to ship at buyer's expense, but i'm also in the DFW area if anyone is local. OEM halogen headlights - Took them off a few weeks ago with 20k miles on the car, no tabs broken. - $250 OBO OEM Si Steering Wheel - Used for a few thousand miles, not sure exactly but...
  4. Solved)

  5. Electronic Valve System

    Hi everyone, I just had a question regarding a valve exhaust on the 10th gen si. I am wondering if I were to install a system like in the link in place of the resonator if I could switch between a stock like sound and straight pipe? I live in Canada and the stock sound i believe is already very...
  6. Minnesota 10th Gen Honda Civic Sport Touring Hatchback Front Bumper Cover W/EXTRAS Fresh Paint From Honda

    Brand New (200 Miles) ABS Dynamics Type R Style Front Bumper Cover with 2021 Fog Light Cover/Garnishes & Type R Style Grill & Carbon Fiber Wrapped OEM Emblem (No Eyebrows) Just got it back from the paint booth at local Honda dealership. Turns out it does NOT work with Honda Sensing even though...
  7. Minnesota Halogen to LED Wiring Harness

    Selling wiring harness to go from halogen to LED lights. Never used. Will ship at buyers expense ($10ish).
  8. New Clutch Dilemma

    Hello everyone, let me start with this I have a 2019 Civic Si. I am experiencing a dilemma right now for my clutch (as expected it would go out eventually) it's not a matter of if its when. I ordered through MAPerformance which is alright I guess. My real troubles are with ACT clutches. I...
  9. California WTB: OEM Honda Civic Hatchback Sport/SportTouring exhaust

    ***Located in San Diego*** Looking for OEM Honda Civic hatchback sport or sport touring exhaust. or I have the Greddy DDR exhaust and looking to trade for Greddy Supreme SP exhaust. Greddy DDR in brand new condition on car for less than a week.
  10. Smoother suspension

    I have a 2017 ex hatchback and want to upgrade my suspension to like coilovers but I want it to be a smoother ride that are good for nyc streets and not too stiff. Any good suggestions?
  11. TPMS for 2018 Civic EX Sedan

    Hello Everyone, I have a 2018 CIVIC EX sedan. I'm going to replace my tires soon and need my TPMS to be replaced as well. But all I can find on Internet is just a TPMS for 9th Gen Civics. Can anybody share a link or any ideas where I can order these sensors please? I used a search through the...
  12. Wheel Suggestions 2020 Civic Sedan

    So I previously had a 2017 Accord Sport and I loved those styles of rims. The look I’m going for is obviously the Aegean Blue with the rest all blacked out. I have never purchased after market wheels and would like the rims to be aligned with the fenders. Also, not sure about brands either. I am...
  13. Interior drivers door rubber panel "wear and tear" damage help

    Hey All, Basically, I've slowly damaged the rubber (I'm not 100% is its rubber) panel that is right below the interior window on the driver's side. It's where my elbow rests when I drive, there is a thin film or some kind of sealant over the material that is slowly starting to rub off. My...
  14. Seat swap

    Hey guys Just had a question.I may be buying a pair of 2018 civic si seats to swap into my 2019 civic sport.Yo may be wondering why didn't you buy an si but anyways before I purchase them I want to know who has done this and if the brackets will line up!
  15. Texas [FS] Bosch ECU (Unlocked - Jail Broken - OEM- 2018 Type R)

    Purchased New from Honda OEM Dealer, only use it has was unlocking through Hondata for purpose of testing alternate platform. However never got around to utilizing. ECU doesn't not have anything on it as far as tune or VIN. Its Product number for correct fitment on FK8 platform is A04. Asking...
  16. Si MAF sensor vs Non-Si MAF sensor

    So say someone purchased an air intake to install in their 2017 civic 1.5T Hatchback LX not realizing that the MAF housing was designed to fit the larger 10th gen civic Si MAF sensor. The intake fits on the turbo Inlet and in the engine bay just fine but the problem is mounting the non-Si MAF...
  17. 2018 civic VTI engine swap

    Hey guys, I just bought a basic 2018 Honda Civic VTI and want to know what the best engine to swap it to I’ve been told B16, ls4 and B20. Just want a bit more power.
  18. 2 tire changes in less than 3 months of ownership

    Hi everyone, I bought a brand new 2021 Civic Sport Hatchback on 12/2/2020 so just about 3 months of ownership. TL;DR Tire quality or just my crappy luck? I’ve gone through two tire replacements in under 5k miles. Is there anything I can do? Would continental or Honda help out in any way since...
  19. Ohio SOLD

    Around 1000 miles on them set of 4. $155 shipped to the continental US. Looks great just changed wheels shortly after purchasing them.
  20. Hondata tips

    Which mods should I enable that wont horribly mess up my car. Im tryna get some pops and crackles. Kinda new to this hondata. I have a Civic hatchback ex 1.5t AND mishimoto SRI and muffler delete. I chose the 6+psi as a start but have not flashed it onto the car yet.