civic type r review

  1. Video: EVO car of the year finalists - Civic Type R

    Simply being in the company of supercars is saying a lot. :thumbsup: Beautifully produced video worth a look just for the cinematography.
  2. 2016 Civic Concept debut! Type R to join US model lineup!

    Here are the first photos of the 2016 Honda Civic Concept from NYIAS, where Honda also announced that the Type R will be coming to the US for the first time ever! Enjoy our photos below. Press Release:
  3. 2017 / 2018 Type R Civic U.S. Price

    What will the Type R cost in the U.S.? It starts at £29,995 with the GT version adding £2,300 to that amount. That translates to $44,750 and $3500 more for the GT version. Think it will translate directly to US prices or how much more will the imported version cost?
  4. 2015 Civic Type R review

    Hopefully not a repost but this is a good article review on the current Type R that they say previews pretty much what we will see in the next generation Type R.
  5. Honda Civic Type R review battle: 2015 vs EP3 and FN2

    Just saw this on youtube. Inter-generational comparos are always fun.. Honda Civic Type R battle: EP3 & FN2 take on the 2015 car