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  1. 2018 Civic Sport [1.5T]

    To start, I’ve got a 1.5T 2018 Civic Sport Hatch. Born in February of 2018. I’ve got FBO intake, Catless exhaust & Hondata flashpro. I’ve made my own tunes. Or at least edited some of the preset tunes. The issue: when I plug in my computer to read/upload/data log the flashpro reads the ecu as a...
  2. New To Modifying My 10th Gen Civic Sport

    So this is a call out for advice from the community. I want to get more speed out of my stock 2021 Civic Sport. It's the sedan model with the 2.0L NA Earth Dreams engine. I'm very interested in getting into turbocharging or supercharging. Any and all ideas welcome as I'm new to the community and...
  3. 10th gen civic si/sport parts for sale

    For 2016-2021 civic si/sport Mishimoto intercooler $450 Prl short ram intake $150 Maperformance downpipe $450 Ktuner v2 (unlocked) $450 Take everything for $1200 located in southwest Suburbs of Chicago for local pickup. Will ship the ktuner if you pay shipping cost. Text 630-362-5935 if you’re...
  4. 2020 Civic Sport engine clacking.

    See the attached video. This isn't normal, right? The clacking gets faster when you rev it. The car runs fine though, no loss of power or smoke or anything. But...that's not normal is it? Any ideas what might be causing it? EDIT: Some details. Car has 50k miles on it, I run 93 octane premium...
  5. Oil change frequency?

    2020 Civic Sport. I'm running full synthetic in the car and have been changing it at 7,500 mile intervals. When I go to reset the oil maintenance thing though, it always says my oil is at 40% life or something. Will the car let me know when I need an oil change? And if so, what % is that on the...
  6. Good All-Season Tires?

    I have a 2020 Civic Sport. It came with ContiPro Contact tires (235/40/18). They're great for cornering, but they're wearing quickly and they're god-awful in the rain (the back end literally fishtails through standing water on the highway. it's scary). Apparently, from what I can find, these are...
  7. New Civic Performance Mod Help

    I just got my 2018 civic sport hatch (CVT) and wanted to start modding it (both cosmetic and performance). I have never done anything like it before and have no experience. What would be the proper order to do performance mods?. I want to get the car somewhere around 300hp without an engine swap...
  8. FC2

    Any FC2 societies or groups in SoCal? Just starting on my build and looking for people doing the same
  9. Type R exhaust on a civic sport sedan?

    So I asked my question last time can I put a 1.5 L exhaust on a 2.0 L car. The 2.0 is my car and I just realize that this exhaust is for the type R. Can I still install this without any major problems or issues?
  10. 2020 civic sport

    I picked up a 2020 civic sport sedan 6 speed MT on a lease and I’m having a hard time finding mufflers for the car. I can only find full exhaust systems. I can’t weld or cut anything since it’s a lease. So I was wondering what options I have to make my car a bit louder
  11. Ohio Sold: New tires and rims

    *SELLING* 215 50 r17 Tires that fit 2016-2020 Honda Civic ex, Lx, and sport trimelvels. These tires are Brand new used less than 1,000 miles come with 4 nearly brand new rims and lugs. These tires may fit other Years and trimlevels. The tire brand is Glacier grip and the rims are sport edition...
  12. Exhaust Poll - How Likely Are You to Upgrade?

    Hey Guys, I wanted to get some info for Exhaust MFG's and Vendors in the industry to have a better idea on what you are likely to mod on your Gen10 for these specific platforms: Civic Type R, Civic Si and Civic Sport HB 1.5T . This is specific to these models only. If I can find a way to put...
  13. Soft spot in foot well?

    So I am the proud owner of a new 2019 Civic Sport Hatch 6MT. Love the car and it's been a blast to drive. However, I've noticed there is a significant soft spot in the driver side foot well close to the door. Is this common in these cars?
  14. 2019 Civic Sport Sedan Rattling Noise

    Just bought a new 2019 Civic Sport Sedan and I have a rattling/tapping noise coming from Driver side footwell area near the door. Only happens at speeds above 23-25mph. My 2015 Civic LX had no noises. Anybody else experiencing this?
  15. Sold: 2018 Civic Si Steering Wheel FS

    I am selling my 2018 Civic Si steering wheel. It is in excellent condition and was only used for 7000 miles! I am asking for 65 shipped obo.
  16. Si PRL Motorsports Type-R Turbo Swapped 1.5T Civic Si

    So we did a thing... :stirthepot: The vehicle is currently up and running as of today! We will be releasing more information shortly as we we being testing on and off the dyno. We have quite a few other tricks up our sleeves within the near future as well, stay tuned. :thumbsup: