1. Fk8 brakes for FK7

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to use CTR brembo brakes for the FK7, what is needed to fit these brakes onto the FK7 what issues will I run into? I found someone selling the calipers just themselves for $500 no brake pads or rotor included
  2. Honda Civic Type R (OEM) Photoshoot

    This was a shoot set up with @kfletchphotography 09/18/2019 He absolutely killed these pics i highly recommend him for anyone in Florida. I know he does travel as well so deff check his ig out.
  3. Used Brembo calipers set

    I have a set of used brembos off a 2017 civic type r. No issues. Both fronts the clear is coming off as you can see in the photos. Could be great for a back up or project. Asking $450 free shipping in the U.S
  4. ARP Extended Wheel Studs

    Has anyone attempted to remove any wheel stud bolts? I’m looking to install some extended wheel studs for some spacers since my thread engagement is iffy. I didn’t see a hole on the back side to back out the studs so by the looks of it I might have to remove the wheel bearing to back out the...
  5. Ansix Auto Ceramic Coated Titanium Brake Pad Shims - 15%off!

    Improve your braking performance, extend the life of your brake components, and make your braking system safer. Our titanium brake pad shims are an excellent and inexpensive way for managing your brake heat. They fit between your brake pad and brake caliper pistons to form a thermal barrier that...
  6. R1 Concept Big Brake Kit (Including Rear E-Brake)

    R1Concepts Big Brake Kit (Including the rear electronic brake) I can't believe this is the World's First FK8 R1 Concept Big Brake Kit! I went with an Anodized Yellow color, very similar to the Hybrid Short Shifter color in my opinion. Stands out, giving it a different look to the red Brembo's...
  7. Using Genesis Brembo

    So does anyone know what I need to use these calipers, like how much space from the hub I need, or any other parts or modifications I would need to get/do
  8. Hyundai Genesis calipers

    Saw this posting on a FB group. Has anyone else installed a set of calipers for a Genesis on their non-CTR? In the comments it says any model coupe fits as long as you have spacers.
  9. Performance Brakes LTD - Your source for Big Brake Kits!

    Performance Brakes LTD is proud to offer big brake kits for the tenth generation Civic. Aftermarket options for this car are growing daily and we are excited to be a part of the community. We currently have several packages available and will have more available as research and development...
  10. Fastmodz Brakes

    Hey guys! has the best brands in brakes and braking accessories! We have thousands of parts for every vehicle. Use code FAST10 for an extra 10% off your order.
  11. Rotor grind issue?

    Has anyone else had an issue with a light grinding noise on either of the front rotors? I have about 900 miles with no excessive driving/braking and my front passenger side rotor is grinding with the pad...going to take it in tomorrow morning and get it checked out.