1. Wheel suggestions?

    I got stock 16's on it. Should i go for 18 or 19? Would it effect the ride quality? Tell me some good black 18's or 19's. Thankss
  2. Has anyone done the 2020 garnish swap?

    Hey guys. Few questions while my car is in the body shop. I’m looking into replacing the front bumper garnishes on my 19 Si coupe with those from a 20 Si coupe. I’d rather get the red instead of the Aegan Blue ones due to my HFP lip and red carbon badges going well. What does the process...
  3. Instrument cluster knowledge

    Hi brothers.. I am curious about the instrument cluster of civic, the back of instrument there are 3 sockets. Is anyone could explains what cable goes to each sockets?
  4. Got backed into while in a parking garage

    My car was sitting unattended in a parking garage in Cincinnati for the day and after I had driven back home I noticed this on the front right bumper and fender. No note or insurance left. The black slice you see near the bottom is actually a credit card sized hole. I got it appraised by my...
  5. BHead's Aegean Blue Metallic Touring

    Greetings from Dayton, Ohio! I picked up my '16 Touring in Aegean Blue Metallic about two weeks ago and I absolutely love it so far! I've already done a fair amount of exterior modifications in just the first two weeks alone so I figured I'll document them below with pictures. I'm also still...
  6. Thinking of doing a roof wrap on my Civic Touring...thoughts?

    Been thinking about doing a roof wrap for my 2016 Civic, maybe with a gloss black or gloss carbon fiber. Has anybody done anything like that on this forum? Trying to get an idea of what it would look like on the Aegean Blue before I give it a shot. I'd be getting it professionally done. Anybody...