1. For Sale Si Driver Side Axle

  2. Wheel Bearing

    Hey guys, I have a 2017 si that makes a thumping noise at lower speeds and turns to more of a whirring noise at highway speeds. I jacked up the car and dont have any play on the wheels and they spin fine - it only seems to act up under load. I am suspecting it may be a wheel bearing. Since I am...
  3. (1.5L CVT) CV Axle Leak?

    Is that what this is? Did not lose my underbody panel, did not have obv oil from above, and my filter was snug. If you zoom in a lot it looks torn/scored. What fluid is this? The view is from under the car with the front on jack stands. I went to do an oil change and saw fluid on the left...
  4. Blown axle and broken engine mounts. " due to stress of car being low"

    Hey fam, new member/mechanical noob. So any kind of feedback and advise will be greatly appreciated. Car is bone stock except for d2 coils and some bbs knock off wheels+ some visiual mods. Long story short, car has been lowered about 3" on all corners on d2 coils for 3 months and daily driven...
  5. 2016 Civic LX 6-Speed - Front-end Clicking While Turning

    Hey all, I've had my Civic for just shy of a year now and noticed within the past month that when turning and accelerating there is a fairly noticeable clicking sound coming from the front end. It sounds almost exactly like when a CV boot is torn, the grease has come out, and the axle is...
  6. Steering wheel noise

    My Civic is making a weird clicking noise when it is in the middle. When it is centered it also feels super loose but it still turns. :imnew: