1. Skunk2 MegaPower exhaust for Civic Si

    Hi all, Sorry if this has been posted before, but I'm having trouble finding reviews on the MegaPower exhaust for the Civic Si, I have a 2020 coupe with a muffler delete and while I dont mind the noise the drone has gotten a bit annoying. Does the Skunk2 system have signifigant amounts of...
  2. Tail light from HRS developing a white spot on turn signal.

    Back in late February, I installed these tail lights from Hi-Rev Sports: 2017-21 Honda Civic Hatchback FK7 FK8 LED Tail Lights - V2 Ordered myself an open box version of the clear housing and since then they've worked perfectly, minus a time when the right taillight would go off randomly but it...
  3. 10th Gen Hatchback sport Aftermarket inspiration

    I'm trying to get after-market wheels for my black civic hatchback... need some inspiration from yall. Post it below -Wheel Size -Wheel Offset -Tire Size -Your suspension Setup
  4. Ceramic coat for downpipe with broken stud stuck

    I plan to do a ceramic coating for my aftermarket downpipe. During the extraction of my aftermarket downpipe, one of the studs broke and it would have to be repaired prior to the next installation. Would this have to be done prior to the ceramic coating, or can I just apply the coat and worry...
  5. Los Angeles - Gloss Black Mid Wing Trunk Spoiler - Hatchback

    This is a low key spoiler wing I got from Primitive Performance. It is completely unused - I ended up getting another one in a similar style, so now I have no need for this one here. Comes with the mounting tape too and whatever those adhesive promoter wipes do and whatnot. I can...
  6. EPR Wing for sale (Voltex Rep)

    $1000 shipped to any lower 48 states! Fiber glass. No damages or scuffs on the spoiler.. Pm if interested. Located in WI.
  7. Hatchback / Si street areo diffuser

    So i have a 2020 sport sedan and since it has a center exhaust i was curious if a street areo or any aftermarket diffuser for hatchback or Si would fit my car?
  8. Aftermarket Lug Nuts Thread Pitch Size

    I just ordered some Rays Gramlight 57cr wheels for my car and I am now looking to buy my aftermarket lug nuts. I was looking at the muteki Sr48 lugs but I do not know the thread pitch size for my 2018 Civic Si. I have seen people say M14x1.5 and M12x1.5 someone please help me as soon as...
  9. 2018 sport touring head unit upgrade question

    Hello! I was wanted to replace my 2018 civic sport touring head unit but i’ve heard that you can’t do that on touring models? is this true? why?
  10. Back up camera works intermittent

    Hey guys, I installed an atoto s8 10.1 inch aftermarket stereo from Amazon in my 2019 Civic HB Sport CVT and everything works but the back up camera. The back up camera works intermittent and I wired everything perfectly with solder sealed joints. I put the car in reverse and the camera pops up...
  11. Wireless charger

    I’m looking for a wireless charger for my 2020 civic si besides the OEM one that fits nice and snug. Please and thank you
  12. Selling - OEM Si Parts and PRL Catless downpipe

    Hey guys, couple items for sale. Let me know what you're interested in. Located in Calgary Alberta. PRL Catless downpipe (V1) Heat wrapped - $400.00 (still in car, waiting for catted version in the mail) OEM 2018 Civic Si Alloy Wheels - $850 (set of 4, removed when delivery was taken at 80 km)...
  13. Aftermarket parts websites

    Hey, I’m looking for good canadian aftermarket parts for my 2017 civ coupe. I’m not looking for performance parts but I just want to pickup some things, like a spoiler, a front lip, maybe some side skirts, stuff like that. Does anyone know of any good places in Canada/Ontario around Toronto?
  14. After Market gauges

    Hey fellas, I hope everyone is doing okay and in good health. I was wondering if it was possible to install and use aftermarket boost/vacuum, Temperature, etc. gauges in a 15.t touring sedan? If so which ones are supported?
  15. Enkei rpf1

    Set of 4 enkei rpf1 with cooper zeon ra3-g1 tires. Tires have less then 2000 miles on them. Rims are in excellent condition except for one. They came off a 2018 Honda Civic type r. Rims are 18” and tire are 235/40r18. Bolt pattern is 5x120. $750 I’m in the Philadelphia area. Thanks
  16. Beginner advice for wiring an aftermarket subwoofer to civic lx (no subwoofer)

    Hi Civic owners, I have a 17' Civic Hatchback without a sub and am looking to install a pair 12" subs that were handed down to me along with a couple amps. Any suggestions for how to set up the wiring? I am inexperienced with aftermarket car audio, any tips or suggestions are welcome Cheers
  17. I want to hear your exhaust, please

    I'm looking to replace the stock exhaust on my 2019 Si sedan. Not finding enough decent videos of aftermarket systems and want to put the call out there, if you have an aftermarket exhaust, would you mind posting a video (or audio) clip of cold start/warm start/revs/drive-by/in-cabin-noise/etc...
  18. OEM LED vs Aftermarket HID?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to get some feedback on your experience with the oem leds and/or aftermarket hids. My '18 Si came stock with the halogens but I really love the look the oem leds give. After doing some research, I saw that other people were saying that they aren't that good and it looks...
  19. Aftermarket wheel sizing?

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but I couldn't find anything. I'm looking to upgrade the wheels eventually and I was wondering what sizes people have put on their cars. Optimally I'd like to do 18 x 9 or 9.5, but idk if that will be too much. Id love to hear what y'all have done and what...
  20. Looking to buy PRL Parts/ Headlights/ Tailights

    Looking to buy PRL Parts, looking to get a new intake and replace what i currently have... Shoot me what parts you guys have to offer.. I currently have Intercooler, downpipe, Ktuner, Flex Fuel Kit, Catback, Lowering kit.. 2017 Civic Si Sedan Also looking for cosmetics if you guys have any...