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  1. California 2020 OEM CTR Shifter w/ Stage 2 Acuity Bits

    I'm selling an OEM 2020 CTR Shifter (shorter throw compared to other model year CTR & Si) paired up with the stage 2 Acuity pieces (Minus cable bushings). One issue with this is I'm missing one of the bottom base bushings (fell under the mat, incredible irretrievable unless I cut the mat). Other...
  2. California Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Part Out (Acuity, Greddy, DC sports, Mishimoto)

    Hello, Just recently sold my car and parted out all my performance parts on it. I also have a couple of minor oem parts for sale. Mostly everything is in like new condition. Greddy exhaust needs front pipe bolts, nuts, and new gaskets. Mishimoto catch can may need the hoses cut or replaced...
  3. What's the difference between these two Acuity kits?

    Can anyone tell me the difference? I've tried to read around the description of the two and tried googling it, but no luck.
  4. California Acuity black POCO shift knob

    Selling a lightly used, but in "like new" condition black Acuity poco shift knob. Comes with the shift knob, black boot collar and about 2-3 of the small zip ties that it comes with. Comes with the box and padding. I'd prefer local pick up, but if shipped that will be on you. $60 firm. First...
  5. Acuity plus Raceseng Weighted knob?

    Hey guys, I have a 2018 Si Coupe and this past summer I purchased a Raceseng slammer weighted shift knob that weighs 635g and have been running it since then. It has been great, but now I am looking into Acuity parts such as their short throw adapter, base bushings, shift rocker upgrade, and...
  6. FS: Acuity Shifter Upgrades

    Up for sale are a few Acuity goodies. About 10k miles of use, still in great shape. Rocker Arm- $80 Centering Spring- $20 Base Bushings- $20 Short Throw Adapter- $50
  7. FS: Acuity shifter and Acuity shifter bushings

    Looking to part ways with my Acuity shifter and the matching bushings. Both are only ~3 weeks old. Just decided to build my VW instead of this. will be shipped in original box as the bushings too! looking for $450 +shipping for the shifter and the trans bushings
  8. Acuity Fully Adjustable SSK Adjustment reference?

    I posted this a few days ago but I probably didn't post it in the right way and received no responses, so I'm hoping to have better luck here lol Hey so I just received my shifter kit from acuity today and I was wondering if there are any reference points to the gate and throw adjustments. It...
  9. Acuity short shifter kit adjustments.

    Hey so I just received my shifter kit from acuity today and I was wondering if there are any reference points to the gate and throw adjustments. It comes in a pretty neutral setting from acuity, but I don't know how much % difference those numbers mean. If anyone could shed some light as to what...
  10. Raceseng Contour + Acuity Shift Boot Collar

    Hey all! So I ordered my Acuity Short Shifter, Bushings, and shift boot yesterday, as well as a Raceseng Contour custom shift knob. Well thanks to Amazon's "acuity" when it comes to their speed, my shifter stuff all arrives today... but my shift knob, being custom, will be a few weeks away...
  11. [FYI] Corsport USA Review

    So I've been recently trying to buy an Insulate Esco Shift Knob, but as we all know there is a high demand at the moment for those shift knobs, so instead of waiting for Acuity to restock them, I searched online to see If I could find a re seller who would have them in stock. I ended up coming...
  12. Buying used Insulated ESCO Shift Knob.

    Hello all, I've been trying to buy a Insulated ESCO Shift Knob. Let me know if you're selling one and DM me for further negotiation.
  13. WTB/HELP me find:: Acuity Insulated ESCO Shift Knob

    I’m looking for an Insulated ESCO Shift Knob. I need your help finding it. All the sites I see it on have it listed as sold out. Where can I pick one up? Even for more than retail? If anyone knows how often or when they’ll be restocking at acuity please lmk. Thanks
  14. Acuity performance short shifter voiding warranty?

    Hey guys! I have a 2018 Civic Si with around 8300 miles. I am curious to know if I purchase and install an Acuity Fully Adjustable Performance Short Shifter, will that void any warranties? I apologize if this question was asked before. Thank you.
  15. The Official ACUITY Instruments CivicX product launch thread!

    Hey guys! We just came on as a new sponsor here on the CivicX forum. This is going to be our official thread for 10th Gen Civic related product launches. If we come out with something new for any trim of the new Civics, we'll post it here. Be sure to subscribe so that you can stay on top of...