1. 2.0L Unable to access 2-step option on ktuner

    I have a 2016 2.0l manual transmission Honda Civic lx coupe and I’m wondering if I’m able to set launch control or do a basic 2-step. I tried clicking on the “basic 2-step” option on my laptop but it wasn’t letting me into the basic two step settings and for launch control I tried accessing it...
  2. FC2

    Any FC2 societies or groups in SoCal? Just starting on my build and looking for people doing the same
  3. New here, Looking for some help!

    Hi, my names nick and I recently purchased a 2017 Honda Civic with a 2.0L 4 cylinder engine. Im new to anything car related and was wondering if someone on here could help me. Im looking to do some work to my vehicle, such as get a new exhaust, a new cool air intake, I definitely want to K-Tune...
  4. What is more reliable for the long term 2.0L vs 1.5L Turbo

    Hi Civic owners, I'm looking to purchase my first Honda. I have done a lot of reading on a few different Honda forums to determine what I want to buy and am leaning towards the 2017 EX model in Canada as it has a 2.0L NA engine. I am a bit hesitant to get the turbo with the oil dilution scare...
  5. LOOKING FOR: Hondata Flashpro (For Fk8 CTR)

    Is anyone selling an unlocked Hondata Flashpro for the 2.0L CTR? thanks my cell is 937-620-1968 hit me up!!
  6. Ktuned 2.0 gas mileage

    I'm strongly considering in ktuning my 2.0 civic. How is your gas mileage with the ktuner? I know to expect a bit less at first but was the mpg a big difference compared to stock?
  7. 2.0L CVT Upgrade

    So, I was thinking about trading my car in so I can maybe get a manual but unfortunately being a broke college student that will be a long while unfortunately so after that I was thinking maybe I can upgrade my CVT’s internals so I can hold more power. Has anyone done this or had any experience...
  8. 2 Step for K20C2 CVT?

    I was wondering if i could do 2 step on my cvt FC2. If yes what is a good setting for it.
  9. Looking for a good tuner/dyno tuning for 2.0l civic

    I'm looking for a good tuner/dyno tuning for my 2.0L civic around the dmv.
  10. 2017 2.0 CVT has 2 choices tune choices, can anyone confirm the correct one?

    I've had KTuner for my 2017 LX 2.0L CVT Coupe for over a year, and when I first got it I only had a single tune option. In early 2019 I updated the KTuner version and the second tune choice came. Unfortunately, I don't remember which one I originally used when there was only one option, and...
  11. Big Brake Kits for 2.0l Sedans?

    I was wondering if there were any big brake kit/performance brake kits for my 17’ LX Sedan like wilwood or anything along those lines.
  12. Diffuser for 2018 2.0L Base

    Hello CivicX! I’ve been looking around but I can not seem to find, for the life of me, a 2018 2.0L Base model diffuser. Is there no love for 2.0, or am I not looking in the right places... if you guys know of any diffusers for the base model can you please post a link so I can share in the love...
  13. E85 for 2.0l?

    Is there a e85 kit for the 2.0l (K20C2) models?
  14. 1.5l sedan (non sport)exhaust systems fitting 2.0l Sedan?

    Was wondering does any aftermarket exhaust system meant for 1.5t sedan (non sport b/c of center exit) fit a 2.0l sedan? Maybe with slight modding ?
  15. Exhaust Conversion

    I have a 2.0 Sedan that came stock with the single right rear exhaust. I was wondering what I would need to convert it to a center mount or dual mount exhaust or perfectly fit a 1.5t exhaust that is either dual or center mount just depends which one would be easier to do. I would like to have a...
  16. Engine mods for K20C2?

    I was wondering if there were any cams proven to fit and work on the K20C2 or if you could swap in K20C1 parts like pistons, camshafts, etc.
  17. 2.0l Exhaust Options

    Looking to see what the exhaust options are for the 2.0l (non turbo) are. Axle Back Catback Custom exhaust Headers Doesn’t matter (Looking for a deeper slightly louder exhaust but not ricey)
  18. 1.5T exhaust on a 2.0L

    I was wondering if you could put a 1.5T aftermarket exhaust system on a 2.0L. Reason being for the lack of selection of exhaust for the N/A models. Would you run to any issues ?
  19. 47mpg to the ski hill, 46mpg back. I love this car! (2.0L N/A)

    Drove 30ish km to my local ski hill and got 47mpg, and got 46mpg on the way back. Gotta say I really love this car and its efficiency! I run tuned on my 2018 EX, with 91 octane and an aem intake. Using econ mode, temperature was around -7c in the morning and 0c in the afternoon. This was done...
  20. Steering wheel buttons have no backlight; How to fix?

    Hello, I noticed while driving at night my car felt sort of darker and harder to see inside. I watched some vids and noticed that the buttons on my steering wheel have no backlight at night mode. Everything else is fine except steering wheel buttons don't light up. Any solutions?