2017 type r

  1. 2017 Honda Civic Type R Carmax Appraisal

    Has anyone had their 2017 Type R appraised at Carmax? I was rear ended a little over 2 months ago, and I am working on putting together my dimensioned value claim with the the insurance company. I had an appraisal of my car after the accident, but it would be really helpful if I could get my...
  2. Civic Type R Transmission Problems?

    There have been many reports of transmissions in the Civic Type R. This is a first hand look at mine.
  3. Rotor grind issue?

    Has anyone else had an issue with a light grinding noise on either of the front rotors? I have about 900 miles with no excessive driving/braking and my front passenger side rotor is grinding with the pad...going to take it in tomorrow morning and get it checked out.
  4. FIRST Black Civic Type R sold in America!

    Hey all, This is my 2017 Civic Type R bought from Bel Air Honda in Maryland! It is #R-00452 and it was the first Crystal Black Pearl one sold in the country! It was purchased on the first day of sale, June 15, 2017...hope y'all enjoy it as much as I do!
  5. Gaijin-Garage up close and personal with the new Type R

    We heard the FK8 was in town last week so we downed tools and got into spy mode - managed to track down the car and take some photos for you guys :) The only FK8 in Australia just happened to be in Perth this week, it's a Pre-Production-Prototype, that was used as the promo car for the...
  6. Spied! New 2016 Honda Civic 5-Door Hatchback Prototype

    A new prototype has shown up on the U.S. Honda test circuit, and it looks like this may be the new U.S.-bound, UK-built 5-door Civic. The latest prototype matches up with the prior Civic prototypes in its key dimensions--wheelbase, windshield, door handles, and hood line all overlay perfectly...
  7. 2016 Type-R what form - hatch, coupe, sedan?

    So what form will we (US) get the Type-R in? The 10th gen Civic is gonna be hatchback, coupe, or sedan and I know the Type-R currently exists in hatchback form but might we get it as something else? I know it's iconic as a hatch but I'd love to have a coupe model personally.
  8. Civic Type-R beat these 10 cars on Nurburgring [list]

    You may have seen the video of the development Type R vehicle going ape nuts around the Nurburgring but check out the list of awesome cars it was faster than: 10. Porsche Panamera Turbo But the truth is that tie-games are awful; nobody likes them. That’s why we have overtime, shootouts and...
  9. 2017 / 2018 Type R Civic U.S. Price

    What will the Type R cost in the U.S.? It starts at £29,995 with the GT version adding £2,300 to that amount. That translates to $44,750 and $3500 more for the GT version. Think it will translate directly to US prices or how much more will the imported version cost?
  10. Type R Civic Competitors?

    Which hot hatches will the Type R be competing with? Off the top it seems like the new Focus ST is one of the competitors. The Type R should blow it away in horsepower hopefully (252 hp versus...306 hp)? What others?
  11. Civic Type R with dual clutch?

    Any chance we'll see a dual clutch option for the new Civic Type R?
  12. 2016 Civic Type R Walkaround Video

    It's hard to tell just how badass the new Type R is in still photos but this walkaround video gives a better idea.
  13. Civic Type R reveal photos from Geneva show (including interior)

    Some great photos from the 2015 Geneva show in March where the new Civic Type R was revealed, including some rare shots of the interior.
  14. Civic Type R does Nurburgring in 7:50 [Video]

    Full of absolute win... Civic Type R setting the FWD record on Nurburgring.
  15. 2017-2018 Civic Type R Coupe Concept envisioned!

    Have a look at our concept renderings for a Civic Type R coupe (front and rear views)! The Type R has already been confirmed for U.S. shores. Will we see the typical 5-door hatchback body style or perhaps the addition of a coupe version? We think our renderings make a great case for a stunning...