2017 touring

  1. Best Time to Buy Civic

    Hi all, I've been looking around and determined that my next car is going to be a new civic (either EX-L with sensing or touring-i don't need nav though). However, I'm going to be out of town starting sunday for two weeks, and as a 21 year old buying my first car, insurance is expensive so I...
  2. First time buying a car, 2017 Coupe Touring $23,000

    Hello all. I finally went to a dealership nearby my home yesterday after close to a month of research. Before I left work I checked on Edmunds as well as some forums to get an idea of what I should reasonably expect. The prices I had researched as well as the prices I received when I walked in...
  3. What did you pay for your New 2017 Touring?

    Hey Gang, I see an old thread for the 2016 Touring. But anyone lucky get buy a 2017 Touring! If so I would really like to know. I am soon going to buy one in South Texas. - thanks