2017 si

  1. What just happened?! (Video) Turbo problems, poor performance/feel after fuel injector replacement

    On 26 July I dropped off my 2017 Civic Si (w/ ~74,000 miles) to an AutoNation Honda to get the fuel injectors and fuel rail replaced following their diagnostic. The drive home the next day was fine, glad to have my car back and it run properly. Yesterday was when I first noticed odd sounds...
  2. 17 Si, brake fluid leak at 5500 miles

    2017 si coupe. At 5500 miles and maintenance light comes on (time to change oil). Purchased Mobil 1 oil & filter to do my own oil change. I jack vehicle up and while I'm removing the lower shield I notice it's all wet. I removed under shield and started looking for the leak. There is fluid on...
  3. Click Clunk Clap: Front Suspension Sounds

    I currently have 5700 miles on my SI. Recently iv been hearing the front suspension pop an clunk over bumps in the road. This sound does not change with Sport or Normal driving modes engaged. Driving condition and speed does not seem to change the sound. I will be dropping my car off at Honda...
  4. Hondata Rev Hang Question

    I understand that the majority of the hp increases and changes that Hondata Flashpro implements, during a re-flash, are engaged in Sport mode. Including the elimination (or major reduction) of the annoying rev-hang these cars have. However, I was wondering if when not in Sport Mode, the changes...
  5. Honda R&D officer says 2.0L turbo VTEC launches next March for U.S.!

    According to this recent interview with Honda, the 2.0L turbo will start mass production in the US during March. That would suggest the SI is coming this spring. http://wardsauto.com/engines/honda-powertrain-overhaul-targets-weight-emissions?page=1 WardsAuto: Honda introduced the 1.5L unit in...
  6. 2016 Civic Si or 2017 Civic Si model year?

    Do we know if the Si will likely be a 2016 or 2017 model year car?
  7. 2016 Civic Si rumored to have around 200HP

    Saw this article recently on a car blog. Don't know how believable it is but fun to speculate anyway... Slotting between the grocery-getter Civic and the mental Type R will be a medium-hot version. While Australian press is calling it the Type S, a name last seen in the US on the Acura RSX, CL...
  8. Will 2016 Civic Si only be sold in US and Canada?

    Curious is the Civic Si sold only in North America?
  9. Honda site confirms only Si Coupe and Si Sedan coming?

    I just confirmed your speculation. On the Honda website: http://automobiles.honda.com/10th-gen-civic/ There's a place to sign up for more CivicX info. If you go to the link it will be easier to follow what I'm saying. I selected more info for "Civic Si", "Civic 5 Door" and "Civic Type R" and...
  10. SI comes after Type R? 2017 Civic Type R pre-orders already accepted?

    New user but long time lurker, but anyway... I've heard news from friends that they are taking pre orders for the Type R now... And since the Type R is past concept this is believable... Thoughts?
  11. Thoughts on 10G 2016 Civic Si

    Hello fellow Honda fans! ...Been reading the forums for a while - really would like to hear some of your thoughts on this: I've been driving my 1998 Honda Prelude since I bought it brand new and have honestly been trying to replace it for years and literally unable to find a car I like...
  12. Si Pricing thought

    Would it be crazy to say I'd prefer the Si without LED headlights, sensing package, lane watch, etc to keep the price down? I bought my '06 Si Coupe (yes, I know, long time ago) out the door, for $19,990. The Si has always had the EX features with the Si bits thrown in. Could it still be that...
  13. Si with a 6 cylinder, welcome or not?

    Would you welcome an N/A 6 cylinder on the new Si? I know I would welcome that over a 1.5 turbo :-) I was looking at some old Volkswagen GTI VR6 videos out there and this little car had a straight 6 cylinder in it. Then I thought, I wouldn't mind having something like that in the new Si :-)
  14. HondaPro Jason doing live Vlog Dec 19th on the 2016 Civic Si

    Just saw on Facebook from the HondaPro Vlog starts at Noon CST. Could tomorrow bring possible news on what engine the Civic Si will get?
  15. Rumors swirl.... 2016 Civic Si 2.0T with about 230hp.

    From insider poster "RolledaNSX" over on Vtec.net who is about 80 percent right when it comes to rumors/insider info with the newest Hondas. Im getting excited ;) Now just give me that 2.0t, some LED headlights and taillights, sunroof, navigation and some sport cloth seats and I'm sold ;)
  16. Latest 2017 Civic Si speculation from HondaPro Jason

    Our friend HondaPro Jason has shared his speculation on the CivicX Si model, gathered from his own intelligence, sources, and rumors. Note: these are not officially confirmed by Honda in any way. Si Model Year: No 2016 Civic Si model year. It will be a 2017 model year. Release: Late Fall 2016...