2017 civic type r

  1. Get More Boost From Your Civic Type R - FK8 FlashPro Update

    Hum wonder how safe this is? I see there are some other new limit removers on turbos in the settings now as well. wonder what the oem turbo can take. Also video shows power and boost before mod but not after? am I missing something?
  2. Civic Type R Transmission Problems?

    There have been many reports of transmissions in the Civic Type R. This is a first hand look at mine.
  3. This is What I Paid For My Civic Type R

    The Type R is selling at a premium. This is what I paid for mine.....
  4. New Shoes Install For My Type R

    Changed out the stock wheels for the winter on my Type R. What do you think?
  5. New Wheels and Center Caps for my R

    I got new wheels and tires for my Type R. This is a look at the wheels and replacement of the center caps with the R caps!!
  6. I Got A Civic Type R!!

    Picked this up a couple of weeks ago...and in my favorite color!!
  7. Underside Photos - left belly pan sags

    Photos of underneath of 2017 Type R - you will notice the left belly pan sags quite a bit on the rear - I wonder if tack it up with a spacer it would reduce the chance of getting caught on an object in reverse Thoughts??
  8. WTB: parts/connector pigtails from a PartOut

    Good morning, I don't know if I'll be able to locate the exact pins required to do what I'm trying to do, so this is my backup plan. If anyone is doing a full partout, I need the pigtail connector from both male and female sides of the Side Mirror connector, as well as both sides of the...
  9. Honda 2017 Type R Quick Reference Guide

    So after my second experience by a Honda Dealership asking me to come in to purchase a Type-R only to find out it has been "sold" but they can offer a deal on a Civic Si; salesperson inadvertently offered me some documentation as a consolation gesture; the Honda Sales Training guide for the 2017...
  10. Rotor grind issue?

    Has anyone else had an issue with a light grinding noise on either of the front rotors? I have about 900 miles with no excessive driving/braking and my front passenger side rotor is grinding with the pad...going to take it in tomorrow morning and get it checked out.
  11. FIRST Black Civic Type R sold in America!

    Hey all, This is my 2017 Civic Type R bought from Bel Air Honda in Maryland! It is #R-00452 and it was the first Crystal Black Pearl one sold in the country! It was purchased on the first day of sale, June 15, 2017...hope y'all enjoy it as much as I do!
  12. Happy Holidays from CivicX! Our Christmas present to you is this Civic Type R

    We'd like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays! And so would CivicX regular, Santa Claus, in his 10th gen Civic Type R :) Hope you like the Type R rendering we put together for Christmas.
  13. Video: EVO car of the year finalists - Civic Type R

    Simply being in the company of supercars is saying a lot. :thumbsup: Beautifully produced video worth a look just for the cinematography.
  14. Our 2017 Civic Type R hatchback preview based on spy photos

    We recently showed you the first 2017 Civic Type R hatchback prototype spy photos, and now we peel back the camouflage to show you the beast that lies beneath! We worked with our digital artist Damian in examining the spy photos (model image posted below) closely to decipher the Type R's lines...
  15. SI comes after Type R? 2017 Civic Type R pre-orders already accepted?

    New user but long time lurker, but anyway... I've heard news from friends that they are taking pre orders for the Type R now... And since the Type R is past concept this is believable... Thoughts?
  16. 2016 Civic Si available March 2016, Type-R info/preview at 2016 Geneva Motor Show?

    HondaProJason says the 2016 Civic Si "should be here March 2016" and that we may get more info and/or a possible look at the 2017 Type-R at next year's Geneva auto show (starts March 3, 2016)
  17. 2017 Civic Type R questions???

    I have seen all these camo picture of the 2017 Civic Type R. My question is: -Why would it not look like the ROW (Rest of the World) Type R? -Like the ones recently introduced in UK? -Doesn't having multiple Type Rs looking different end up costing Honda more money in R&D? just don't get it...
  18. possible picture of CTR in america

    I got sent this picture from a friend of a friend. Apparently it was taken at Newark airport. While I don't believe it I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this picture before.
  19. First look at 2017 Civic Type R Hatchback Prototype! Spy pics

    Here's your first look at the actual 2017 Civic Type R 5-door hatchback prototype! We caught this while it was making its testing laps on the Nurburgring. This confirms that until now, we have previously been looking at chassis testing mules. But, this time around the prototype clearly shows a...
  20. 2016 Civic Concept debut! Type R to join US model lineup!

    Here are the first photos of the 2016 Honda Civic Concept from NYIAS, where Honda also announced that the Type R will be coming to the US for the first time ever! Enjoy our photos below. Press Release: