2016 civic

  1. 2016 civic starter relay location

    Having issues with my 2016 Civic EX not starting. All I get is a clicking sound. Thought it was the battery so we swapped that, and still having the same issue. Was suggested to change the starter relay, but can’t find where they are located, just that there are two of them. From everything I’ve...
  2. *Help* Sound Completely Cuts Off in 2016 Honda Civic EX

    This problem has been happening for a few months on and off now. The sound in my 2016 Civic EX completely shuts off across the board (the sound from pressing buttons on the infotainment system doesn't even work). I try to reboot and restore factory settings and this helps the problem sometimes...
  3. Getting Code U0038, Dashboard lights still blinking after flashing with k tuner.

    I drive 2016 honda civic ex sedan 2.0 L (cvt). I just got the k tuner 1.2 today I’m connecting it to a tab to monitor the other gauges. After the flash it said successfully flashed as it should. And all the dashboard lights were on too. I drove around 10 miles or more but still they are on. They...
  4. Back up camera/lights not coming on HELP!

    So a couple days ago my reverse camera and lights won’t come on. I tried to reboot the radio but that did nothing, any idea what the problem is?
  5. Ex to Type R

    Anybody know if the Type R front and rear bumber fit for Ex sedan??
  6. 2016 Civic

    Window tinting before and after. Done by X-Rayz, Charlottesville, Va.
  7. 2016 screen issue

    My Honda Civic screen won’t load. I have put a link to video below. But does anyone have any solution to this?

    Hi I'm new here, I thought I'd share my civic it's a 2016 honda civic lx just put 19inch rims. Mods include white side markers tinted windows, AEM air intake, mud guards, sun visors, yellow fogs. Just little things here and there but I'm loving it and yes the rims are staggered.
  9. 2016 Civic EX Sedan - Thump over bumps - Rear driver side

    Hey Civicx, Car: 2016 Civic EX Sedan (non-turbo) I have a been a long time lurker since I bought the car new in 2016. I have run into an issue with my strut assembly, maybe? It is my daily driver with no mods, and I do mostly highway driving. This surprised me when it started about 6 months...
  10. SOLD - Hondata Flashpro - 2016 + 1.5 L Turbo Civic US

    Hi all. I am thinking of selling my Flashpro for 2016 + 1.5 Liter Turbo Civics in the United States. I am not sure if it would work outside the US. I'm selling because it's winter here in PA, and I backed my tune out, and found that the stock tune is sufficient for me. As much fun as a +9 PSI...
  11. CVT Fluid Change 2016 Civic EX

    Good Afternoon Everyone, New to forums, hello! Been reading through all the threads on here but cannot find anyone who seems to have successfully changed their own CVT Trans Fluid in a 2016 Civic EX 2.0. Wondering has anyone managed to do this yet? My dealership is trying to quote me $200 to...
  12. Fairly loud popping sound coming from rear in 2016 Coupe

    Does anyone else have a relatively loud, high-pitch POP coming from the rear passenger-side area? It happens to mine randomly as I drive over bumps or anything else that causes the suspension to react. It's much, much louder when the rear seats are folded down – it seems to be coming from...
  13. Mirror Housing Only Replacement

    So I did something stupid and backed out and just clipped the edge of my passenger side mirror. Thankfully it was only the flat black housing which was broken on the mirror and the heating/power/camera were all still intact, so I ordered the housing only online. It's a fairly straightforward...
  14. 2016 Civic Sedan Trunk Warning Alarm on Uneven Terrain

    Hi everyone, I'm a long time lurker and first time poster on! You guys helped guide me toward a 2016 Touring model, and what a great car it has been! The only two issues I've had with the car are: 1) The subwoofer rattling on medium volumes (advice?), and 2) My "trunk open" alarm...
  15. 2016 Civic EX-T - shaky bumpy ride in cold weather?

    Hi! Is anyone else finding this car to be unbelievably shaky/bumpy in cold weather? Canadian here, and this car drove GREAT up until it started hitting -30degrees C (-22F)...took it on the highway and it was literally Bouncing like a 1997 rap video. Since it warmed up it's a bit better, but is...
  16. Non Carbon Fiber 2016 Hood?

    I'm currently looking for a hood for my 2016 and all I can find right now are the carbon fiber ones from Seibon. I know I can get the OEM versions in other colors but the TS/VSII/MG ones I can only find in carbon fiber. I want to get a TS style in either white or black if I can, any ideas?
  17. Custom leather seat covers?

    Does anyone know any websites who can make cutom leather seat covers for my 2016 civic? I want it to be dark red seat covers.... if anyone is aware of such websites or places please let me know.
  18. Installing Mobius dash cam on my 2016 Civic coupe

    Has anybody else set up a dash cam in their car? I'm looking for any advice on what kind of mount to purchase and where to place the camera. It'd be extra helpful if anyone here uses the Mobius action cam as that is what I currently own.
  19. VW Buybacker with some Questions

    Hello all, this is my first post here on the forum! I have a buyback appointment with VW on 1/27 for them to purchase my 2011 Jetta TDI, and I am pretty set on getting a Civic. I'll be getting about $16.5K for my car, so I'm looking to stay right around that range for a new one. In my area, I...
  20. Where to ground AMP 2016 Civic

    I have followed a number of threads discussing sub and amp installations in the 2016 civic and those threads have been very helpful with my installation but I have a few questions. 1. Where is the best place to ground the amp in the trunk? Could someone take a picture of where they grounded...