2016 civic

  1. 2016 Passenger Mirror Replacement

    Hi! I had a psycho ex punch my passenger mirror and it broke along where the mirror would normally fold in and out. Instead of buying an entirely new mirror, can I just buy the piece that attaches the mirror to the car? I’ve been looking up the housing unit, but can’t seem to figure out if it...
  2. How many miles do you guys get on full tank? (Poor mpg)

    Hi guys! So far I filled up my used 2016 civic lx tank 3 times so far. I filled when the range close to 30 miles. In both times it got 10.xx gallon. I reset the trips and average mpg before filling up. Whatever, the most range I got with full tank 271. Is it normal? After a while driving I...
  3. Changing Transmission Fluid

    Hi! I purchased the honda civic 2016 civic lx (72k miles on it) recently, and planning to do some maintance. I'll get the oil and filter changed as well as the transmission fluid. I'm gonna go to the mechanic that I know but I don't believe the oil and the transsmision fluid they will use be...
  4. FOR SALE 2016 Honda Civic Touring Fully Loaded

    Hey guys, Unfortunately I am going to have to sell my beloved Civic. I will be relocating to heavy weather conditions and need to move to a 4WD vehicle. This is a 2016 Honda Civic Touring (highest trim) 1.5L Turbo CVT. It is well-taken care of and is currently at 83K miles on it. It is my daily...
  5. Help! Car stuck on accessory mode wont shut off.

    The issues started Yesterday morning. the battery had died, i jump started the car and went on with my day. around 11pm my alarm goes off, i went to check it out and i couldn't turn the alarm off. i had to open the door with my key and it was only then that it stopped. i get on then i see a...
  6. 2.0L Exhaust system kit query

    I currently have a 2016 civic lx sedan and would like to upgrade my exhaust system. Its a project I would like to take on myself and I was wondering if anyone knew where to buy a good performance exhaust system for my model.
  7. K20C4 in Civic??

    I know I may receive backlash for this but I’m a newbie when it comes to cars... So I own a 10th Gen Civic EX (K20C2). I’ve tuned it with KTuner which is great but I am looking for more power.(I know I should have gotten 1.5L but oh well) So I’ve been looking into swapping my engine to the...
  8. ABS, VSA, and Power Steering lights on

    Hello Everyone, I’m a new 2016 Honda civic owner, so I don’t have much experience with Hondas.. I was wondering if anyone knew what this meant? I was backing out of my driveway when all of these lights came on in seconds. Any idea what it could be?? thanks!
  9. buying a 2016 civic at 100k miles

    Would buying a newer civic with 100k miles be a bad idea? some things to look out for when buying one? love these cars and this forum has been very informational. Thank you so much!:)
  10. Factory microphone with sony 7 inch apple carplay unit

    Hello, So I will be installing the Sony - 7" Android Auto/Apple CarPlay - Built-in Bluetooth in-Dash Digital Media Receiver - Black into my 2016 honda civic lx and I ordered all the parts but was wondering if the factory microphone will work with the system. I have not been able to find this...
  11. 2016 civic starter relay location

    Having issues with my 2016 Civic EX not starting. All I get is a clicking sound. Thought it was the battery so we swapped that, and still having the same issue. Was suggested to change the starter relay, but can’t find where they are located, just that there are two of them. From everything I’ve...
  12. *Help* Sound Completely Cuts Off in 2016 Honda Civic EX

    This problem has been happening for a few months on and off now. The sound in my 2016 Civic EX completely shuts off across the board (the sound from pressing buttons on the infotainment system doesn't even work). I try to reboot and restore factory settings and this helps the problem sometimes...
  13. Getting Code U0038, Dashboard lights still blinking after flashing with k tuner.

    I drive 2016 honda civic ex sedan 2.0 L (cvt). I just got the k tuner 1.2 today I’m connecting it to a tab to monitor the other gauges. After the flash it said successfully flashed as it should. And all the dashboard lights were on too. I drove around 10 miles or more but still they are on. They...
  14. Back up camera/lights not coming on HELP!

    So a couple days ago my reverse camera and lights won’t come on. I tried to reboot the radio but that did nothing, any idea what the problem is?
  15. Ex to Type R

    Anybody know if the Type R front and rear bumber fit for Ex sedan??
  16. 2016 Civic

    Window tinting before and after. Done by X-Rayz, Charlottesville, Va.
  17. 2016 screen issue

    My Honda Civic screen won’t load. I have put a link to video below. But does anyone have any solution to this?

    Hi I'm new here, I thought I'd share my civic it's a 2016 honda civic lx just put 19inch rims. Mods include white side markers tinted windows, AEM air intake, mud guards, sun visors, yellow fogs. Just little things here and there but I'm loving it and yes the rims are staggered.
  19. 2016 Civic EX Sedan - Thump over bumps - Rear driver side

    Hey Civicx, Car: 2016 Civic EX Sedan (non-turbo) I have a been a long time lurker since I bought the car new in 2016. I have run into an issue with my strut assembly, maybe? It is my daily driver with no mods, and I do mostly highway driving. This surprised me when it started about 6 months...
  20. SOLD - Hondata Flashpro - 2016 + 1.5 L Turbo Civic US

    Hi all. I am thinking of selling my Flashpro for 2016 + 1.5 Liter Turbo Civics in the United States. I am not sure if it would work outside the US. I'm selling because it's winter here in PA, and I backed my tune out, and found that the stock tune is sufficient for me. As much fun as a +9 PSI...