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  1. CVT transmission any good/bad?

    The next car I get will be my daily driver for commuting so it can't be a manual unfortunately. I was reading in the press release that the auto transmission will be CVT. Never owned or even drove a car with CVT so what's it like? Seems like CVT in general has a bad reputation, at least in...
  2. 2016 Civic dashboard / interior patent images

    Renders of the dashboard: Looks a million times better than the 2 tier design. Nice, subtle, restrained styling, not trying too hard too shock anyone or set any dead end trends. Kudos Honda!
  3. What engines for 2016 Civic (Type R and Si)?

    What engine lineup will the different models get?
  4. Production 2016 Civic coupe and sedan spy photos

    Spy photos of the production prototypes of the 2016 Civic coupe and sedan models. Key elements of the radical tail-light design found on the concept can be seen on the Civic sedan prototypes. The angular outer tail-lights jut out nearly identically on the concept and the sedan prototypes...
  5. Will 2016 Civic price increase as much as new Accord?

    Saw new Accord's pricing announced today. EX model increased $450 (1.7%) and Touring model went up by $950 (2.8%). Using that as a guide, if the Civic followed similar price increase that would mean: Current Civic EX starts at $20,390, so a 1.7% increase would make it $20,736. Current Civic...
  6. Article: Next Honda Civic (2016) turns on the style [+ hatchback renders]

    Via UK site Autoexpress Tenth-generation Honda Civic is set to get a dramatic new look – and it’ll still be built in Britain After years in the wilderness, Honda is enjoying a renaissance, with a new line-up aimed at winning back the hearts of prospective customers and diehard fans. We’ve...
  7. 2016 Civic hatchback render

    Caught this small render on Autoexpress of a hatchback. Like the styling? Reminds me of an old school Scirocco butwith rounder lines. Added larger versions:
  8. 2016 Civic Sedan Renders Based on Patent Drawings

    A CivicX reader sent these renderings of the 2016 Honda Civic sedan to us which are based on the patent drawings that we reported recently. What do you think, does it appear to be the likely design for the X generation Civic? Updated with more renderings:
  9. Our latest 2016 Honda Civic Coupe & Type R renderings

    Our talented staff has worked up CGI of what the production 2016-2018 Honda Civic Coupe and Type R could look like based on the Civic concept, spy photos and patent images. Enjoy the eye candy and let us know what your thoughts! 2017-2018 CIVIC TYPE R: 2016-2017 CIVIC COUPE:
  10. Report: 2016 Honda Civic 2.0L NA positioned below 1.5L turbo engine

    Unconfirmed report and just as we've been speculating here - report that there'll be a 2.0L NA and 1.5L turbo engine, with the 2.0L to be the base engine. from http://paultan.org/2015/08/03/2016-honda-civic-a-choice-of-2-0-na-and-1-5-turbo/
  11. Five signs Honda cares about enthusiasts, again - several Civic X reasons

    via http://www.autoblog.com/2015/04/14/five-signs-honda-cares-about-enthusiasts-again Five signs Honda cares about enthusiasts, again The New Civic Is Hot, The Hatchback Returns And Acura Doesn't Suck It's a great time to be an enthusiast. From high-horsepower Hellcats to the purist BRZ...
  12. Top Gear - Type R First Drive Review

    Top Gear online posted their first review of their first drive of the Type R. Link below! http://www.topgear.com/uk/car-news/new-honda-civic-type-r-first-drive-2015-06-02
  13. First "new" Civic Type R rolls off the production line

    While the "new" Civic Type R is being built on the 9th generation platform, it's still interesting to note that production has just begun on it.
  14. Any chance of HUD in 2016 Civic?

    Was recently in a car with HUD and thought it was not only cool but also very useful. Anyone think we have a chance of seeing a HUD option in the next gen car? Maybe for upper trim models like Si or Type R?
  15. 2016 Civic Si rumored to have around 200HP

    Saw this article recently on a car blog. Don't know how believable it is but fun to speculate anyway... Slotting between the grocery-getter Civic and the mental Type R will be a medium-hot version. While Australian press is calling it the Type S, a name last seen in the US on the Acura RSX, CL...
  16. How is the new Civic any better than old?

    I am tremendously underwhelmed by the new Civic photos so far. With all the hype about "bringing sporty back" and the concept hype, I was expecting a super radical design that would simultaneously give me a seizure and an explosion in my pants. All we got was a new bumper... and it doesn't...
  17. 2016 Focus RS has 345hp. How will Civic Type R compare?

    2016 Focus RS was revealed to have 345 hp. Using same engine as the Mustang Ecoboost model but tuned for more power. 2016 Civic Type R has 310hp. How do you guys think they'll compare?
  18. 2016 Civic KNOWN Release Times

    September 16, 2015 - Civic sedan reveal October 19, 2015 - Pricing announcement [source] October 19, 2015 - first drive reviews released October 23, 2015 - Rumored dealer training on 2016 Civic [source] October 20, 2015 - 2016 Civic sedan production begins in Canada [source] October 27, 2015 -...
  19. Video - 2016 Honda Civic Type R beats M3 and RS3 around track!

    Is the new Honda Civic Type R as fast as it looks? We see if it goes quicker round the track than a BMW M3 and Audi RS3. Believe us - this FWD vs RWD vs AWD track battle is not to be missed! I think you'll all like the results :)
  20. 2016 Honda Civic Inside-Outside & Under (Video & Pics)

    We just spied the upcoming 2016 Honda Civic sedan which gives us the most detailed look yet of the return of the sports car heritage for the vehicle. Our photographers had more than five uninterrupted minutes examining two 10th generation Civic prototypes top-to-bottom -- which provided us with...